Sunday Software's
The Ten Commandments CD


We sent an Israeli photographer up Mt. Sinai to capture
the first ever 360 degree navigable ‘photobubbles' of Mt Sinai, the Holy Mountain of Moses.

Then we made these 360 degree photobubbles into an interactive journey up the mountain and through a variety of presentations and activities about God's Law and the Ten Commandments.

Students find the activities by rolling their mouse --searching for hidden spots in each photobubble to open an activity. Finding the content is half the fun.

The CD begins when you meet up with Moses in his Mt. Sinai office (seen at right). Moses has a presentation which brings your students up-to-date on how the Hebrews came to Mt. Sinai.

Outside in the first 'photobubble' your students come face to face with a camel. Click-hold and drag your mouse over the picture and the photobubble start to turn!  To the left you'll see the base of Mt. Sinai and St. Catherine's Monastery.

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At the bottom of Mt. Sinai, click on the monastery door to enter it. Open the Ark of the Covenant to hear God read the commandments and see interesting notes and questions about them which appear on the front of the ark.

Click on the stained glass window behind the Ark to see videoclips of young people talking about four of the commandments.

Back outside, don't forget to click on the sun outside the Monastery for a discussion starter about "Keeping the Sabbath Holy." 

Begin climbing Mt. Sinai by crossing over The Bridge Over Chaos Canyon. As they step on each plank, they'll learn the meaning and purpose of The Law. Careful on that last plank! --the Law can only take you so far --and then you must take the "Leap of Faith."


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