Faith Through the Roof CD
the interactive story of the man let down through the roof by his friends to see Jesus
at Peter's house in Capernaum

Mark 2:1-12
(Matthew 9:2-8, Luke 5:17-26)

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Teaching Outline to this CD
~includes a 3 lesson ou
tline incorporating study with software, video, and learning games.

Students begin the game aboard Peter's sailboat on the Sea of Galilee. Peter invites the player to steer towards him hometown of Capernaum. Once there, the player enters the twisty confines of the village and encounters Stephen who is looking for someone to help carry his paralyzed friend to Peter's house in Capernaum where Jesus is teaching.


After finding the stretcher, the player and Stephen must carry Rueben on the stretcher through the town and find Peter's house. Once inside Peter's courtyard, of course, the door to the room where Jesus is teaching is blocked!  ...So the player and friend must carry the stretcher up on the roof and lower their sick friend down through a hole.

Finding your way around the village and up on the roof while carrying the stretcher is challenging, but not too hard. Young children may need some help (but they'll think they did it all).

Once you lower the man down through the roof, the players see a short video of the rest of the story narrated by Peter. Players hear and see Jesus' confrontation with the scribes. They see Jesus heal the man and speak to the crowd. Then Jesus invites the player to jump down into the room where Jesus explains his teaching and challenges the player to spread the word.

After talking to Jesus, the player is invited to go fishing with Peter. They board Peter's boat and head out into the lake.

On the lake, the player is presented with several quiz questions about the story and about Jesus to answer and/or discuss. 

The answer screens present additional content and discussion questions to read and respond to depending on your age group and the amount of time you have. See the answer screens. (they can be printed by the teacher from our webpage)

All totalled, it takes about 20-25 minutes to play the game, depending on the age of your students and how much you help them. Our Player Guide has helps. Our Teacher's Guide has all the secrets and shortcuts!


After the friend is lowered through the roof, Peter tells the story of what happened next, then the player is invited to jump down and talk to Jesus.

Your students will meet the forgiving Messiah,

learn that real friends go out of their way to help others,

...and that friends bring friends to meet Jesus! 

View the Faith Through the Roof Teaching Guide
which includes an outline for 3 weeks of lessons on this story, that include using this CD, plus learning it through games and video.

Windows XP, Vista, W7. Minimum 1.4 gb processor, 1.5 gb ram, 64mb videoram. 

Know thy computer. If your computer is underpowered, has a weak video component, or is more than 5 years old, it may not be able to run the videos embedded in the game and levels may load slowly.  2 gb of RAM is our suggested minimum. If you have a Vista or Windows 7 -installed computer you likely have plenty of power. But if you have an XP installed or XP era computer, (ie, a computer made prior to 2007) you should check your amount of ram and videoram, and may need to add such. In May 2011 we issued an updated version 1.1 that makes the videos run a little easier on older machines  Alternate low-res videos located in the game folder can swapped in for older computers) See tech notes for additional help

AGE RANGE: Optimally 9 to 18. Younger kids will need help navigating and reading. This game does not require any reading skill until the end of the game, but it does require the ability to navigate using the keyboard. See our game guide for game clues that help younger kids (and teachers)

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 "Faith Through the Roof" CD

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Check out the Video Preview of Faith Through the Roof CD
featuring the title song: "We'll Follow the Son".

View and Print the Teacher and Player Guides
for this CD
. The guide includes 3 lessons.

We also have a handy Player's Guide you can print and give to your students:

Tech Notes for this CD

V1.0 Owners: To download the free v 1.1 update go to

View the "answer" panels to the quiz at the end of the game.



Below: A top view of Peter's house in Capernaum where you must help carry the man
up on the roof to see Jesus.

Why this story?

The story of the paralytic let down through the roof is one of the most famous miracles in the New Testament. It is found in 3 of the gospels, and encapsulates some amazing things about Jesus: his popularity, his power, his challenging words to the authorities, and his compassion for others.

Mark places it right at the BEGINNING of his Gospel because the story sets the stage for Jesus' ministry and message.

One of the things that always struck ME about this story, was the great lengths the friends in this story go to help their friend in need. They could have made excuses. They could have waited. But they loved their friend so much they were willing to climb a roof, cut a hole in it, and risk offending Jesus and the gathered authorities.

Jesus recognized their faith, and it moved him. The miracle is not only that Jesus could heal the man (you knew he would!) ...but that the man wanted to see Jesus, and had such great friends. They are the kind of friends we are called to be.

In this game, your students will learn from Peter, the man's friend, and from Jesus himself. They will hear a clear message about Christ and about helping others find Christ. They also catch a glimpse, as the crowd did that day, of God with us, forgiving & healing. And by turning it into a challenging game, they'll want to learn it again and again!

We also designed this game to help the story get into your kids' brains! Games and good interactivity do this by creating a sense of anticipation. And according to the research, creating a sense of "anticipation" is essential to gaining the student's focus and heightening their memory formation. For more about the BRAIN RESEARCH behind "how stories get into our heads" and our desire to create this anticipatory moment in this CD, go to my blog:  <>< Neil, Sunday Software

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Check out the Video Preview of Faith Through the Roof CD
featuring the title song:
"We'll Follow the Son".

Teaching Outline to this CD
which includes a lesson outline for three weeks on this story.

Tech Notes for this CD

V1.0 Owners: To download the free v 1.1 update go to

View the "answer" panels to the quiz at the end of the game.


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