John Calvin, Marty Luther and Sunday Software present...
  Cal and Marty's Scripture Memory Game

Cal & Marty is a fun interactive scripture memory game for your computer
 that your students can use with any Bible verse because it comes with a built-in verse editor.

Students and/or Teachers edit in their own Bible memory verses, then study the verse before unscrambling the verses against the clock.

Students and/or teachers can also add comments and quizzes to each verse! 

Cal & Marty CD includes a scoreboard to track individual student scores, encouraging them to improve their score, and giving you a tool to see which verses they've mastered.

And... Cal & Marty Scripture Memory CD also has a sense of humor!   Cal (John Calvin) and Marty (Martin Luther) appear on screen encouraging you and offering comments. Most other scripture memory games are DRY, DULL, and don't come with verse editors.

Bonus feature: The CD also features Cal and Marty animatedly talking briefly about themselves and key ideas and concepts of the Protestant Reformation.

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