Noah & the Ark,  Life of David, 
Adventures with Daniel
Life of Paul

We have remaining copies of this wonderful, older, and now out of print series.

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Each CD has six different types of content areas to explore from the Main Menu

When you first start the program, you see the Main Menu with it's SIX activity areas to choose from. EACH CD in the series has these same six areas:

  1. Main Story --an interactive storybook presentation with clickable funnies that highlights a story from the Bible hero's life (in our outline we call this the "Main" section). In the example graphic on the right from Life of Paul CD, the "main story" is titled, "Paul and the Bright Light".

  2. Bible Quiz Show  -one or two players with questions taken from the CD's content.

  3. Discover the Bible -narrated scripture with kid-friendly study notes, up to 20 chapters!

  4. Hall of Fame -illustrations and brief narration about episode in the hero's life.

  5. Fun & Games -including a scripture memory game with verses from the stories.

  6. Bible-time Theater -2 or 3 animated video clips depicting key episodes from the hero's story.

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