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What a pleasure it is to be writing to you about The Fall of Jericho CD. It's very existence as multimedia software is a testament to the faithfulness of its creator, our persistence and loyalty to the developer, and the support of our customers.

Jericho was originally released under the name Journey to the Promised Land. We found the original developer and worked with him as he rewrote the program in a newer program language, revised all the graphics and sounds, AND built us an easy to use QUESTION EDITOR. We also had him put in several special features just for the Sunday School: a short game option, all games beginning at question #1 in a set, and sequential or random selection option for questions. Then a few years after that, program was redeveloped AGAIN with all new graphics and sound. It has been a bestseller ever since. Thanks for supporting our efforts! <>< Neil MacQueen, Sunday Software

BONUS! Download Neil's "Holy Week Review" question set at www.sundaysoftware.com/resources/jericho-easter.zip --for use with Fall of Jericho CD. I've created 22 basic questions about Holy Week and recommend that you or your students add to them. 30 questions is a good number for a game. The jericho-easter.zip is in the zip format and contains a question set text file. Unzip the txt file and copy it to your installed Jericho folder. Notice in my questions how I often repeat a correct answer in a following question to reinforce it.

Jericho installs completely to your harddrive. Store the CD for safekeeping. Remember: one copy of the program can only be copied to one PC! That's Federal Law, and also the 8th Commandment.

Do not attempt to install the older 'bonus' games "Where's Noah" and "Bible Concentration." They no longer work.

The Question Editor

Jericho comes with a starter set of general Bible trivia, however, you'll most likely want to create your own sets using the Question Editor which installs when you install the game. Click Start | Programs | Jericho and select Question Editor to open the editor. In general, you'll want to create 30 to 35 questions per question set for two teams or more to race to Jericho without repeating questions. This number will vary depending on the difficulty of material and age of players.

Jericho Game Play Options

All games begin with question number one each time the question set is selected at the beginning of a game. Thus, you need only write about 30 to 40 questions on a subject, fewer if you want the questions to repeat. HOT TIP: If you want a short game and only want to write about 20 questions, select "Short Game" option from the Jericho Options menu so you can also get to Jericho faster.

Transfering Questions Sets to Other Computers
Your question sets can be transferred from one computer to another via diskette or flashdrive if you have legally installed another copy of Jericho for that other computer. Just copy the text (txt) files you created from the Programs/FallofJericho folder on your harddrive. If you have trouble seeing those files, see our tech note below on this page. Please note: One Fall of Jericho quiz game CD can only be copied to one computer. Copying question sets assumes you have purchased an additional copy of the program.

What is the "Database Converter Utility"?
You probably don't need to use this!  This converter is for those of you who may have created a question set under the much older earlier version of Fall of Jericho, and want to import that file for use with Fall of Jericho. If you do not have old sets you want to convert, you do not need to install this utility.


Please note: The "Teaching Tips" found on the CD are an older version that the one you are currently looking at.


Fall of Jericho and programs like it have been in use for many years. Here are some great insights and ideas from years of use.

The Importance of Quizzing

Like many of you, our ministry believes in the power of quiz software to reinforce student memories. For years many Sunday Schools have taught lesson after lesson without helping students refresh those memories over time. The result? -- biblically illiterate youth and adults. Early on in the Sunday School computer lab movement, many of us recognized the power of computers to reinforce content and test for comprehension. The Fall of Jericho makes testing and refreshing -fun.

How many Priests Did Saul Kill at Nob?

What kind of questions and answers can best accomplish our teaching goals? The answer, as you might suspect, is not to write mere trivia. Asking about Elijah in one breath and Paul in the next does little to reinforce memories or build comprehension. To illustrate the absurdity of many Bible trivia questions I frequently use my favorite: "How many priests did Saul kill at Nob?" The correct answer: "who cares!"

How to Help Your Students Mine Their Memories

Asking just one or two questions would barely begin to scratch the surface. Instead, we need to create series of questions on subjects that force our kids to mine their memories -dig into them. One good question should be followed by another that digs deeper into the subject. Instead of just asking the trivial question, the question should retell important information and ask more fundamental questions such as "Who was Saul?" "Why was he upset?" and..."What was the effect of his anger?" Good questions are as important as the answers.

The following three questions are pulled from twenty-five questions I wrote about Joseph that illustrates "mining" student memories. This technique can also be seen in the set of questions about the Bible that follows.

13. How did Joseph get to Egypt? He was sold as a slave He went there to find food He went to free the slaves He went there on business

14. Who sold Joseph into slavery in Egypt? Jacob, his father His enemies His brothers Pharaoh

15. Why did Joseph's brothers sell him into slavery? Joseph was mean They were jealous of him Joseph was the youngest Money for food

Stick to the Subject

You can spot trivial questions sometimes by the way they bounce from subject to unrelated subject. Instead, series of questions should be asked that focus on a subject or related subjects. Note how the questions get at both the content and the meaning of the content.

The following quiz set illustrates several important quiz writing techniques. Notice how one question builds on the preceding question rather than jumping into a new subject. Notice also how the answer to a question can be found in the preceding question and how a preceding question's answer can be reiterated in the follow-up question.Read through the following questions and answers to see these concepts in action.

1. The Bible is really not ONE book but many books in a collection.
What does the word "Bible" mean? book collection God's Word The Word

2. How many different books are there in THE BOOK? 33 36 66 73

3. The 66 books of THE BOOK (The Bible) were written by: Moses The Disciples Several people Many people

Skipping to question 6....notice how the content comes back around:

6. God's Spirit guided ____ writers to write ____ books for the bible. A few/36 a few/66 many/66 many/63

7. The two main parts of the Bible are: The Old and New Testaments Genesis and The Gospels Psalms and Gospels Christmas and Easter

8. The word "Testament" means: "part" "book" "covenant" "inspiration"

9. A "Covenant": is "a holy book" is "an agreement" is "a history" is "an inspiration"

If you just skimmed over the above questions, let me suggest that you go back and read through them. Notice how the question content can end up in a later question answer, and vice versa. This kind of attention to question set construction helps your students learn better.

"Oh Teacher....What's the Answer? "

When they are stumped, you want your kids to ask each other and ask the teacher for help. Too often, however, teachers don't offer help, they instead offer the answer! Counsel your teachers to view every "I don't know" response as an opportunity for discovery. The best way to help is to have the students re-read the question and the possible answers, discussing each one.

Question: In what book of the Bible can you find the story of Noah?
Possible answers: Genesis, Exodus, Mark, Acts
Student Response: "I don't know this one."
Teacher Response: "What is the story of Noah about and when does it take place?" "What is the story of the Exodus about?"

** Try and limit the number of possible answers to around three for 3rd through 6th grade and two for Kindergarten through 2nd. Yes, I did say Kindergarten, --they can't read, but they can be read to! They enjoy the game play and can understand simple questions and answers. You can put an '*' in the editing field for answer number four.

Humor Them

Humor is essential to the quizzing enterprise. My quizzes were peppered with jokes, puns, and other goofiness. I once asked "What's on the top of the church's steeple?" ...only to have the entire class rush out the door to go see!

Lesson Strategies for Using the Fall of Jericho

Depending on many factors, you can use Jericho throughout the year, at the end of every month, or during every class. Try several strategies to see what works best for you. Question sets can be created for general review, to test student competency, to find out how well your lessons are being taught (!), and just for fun. Create questions sets that quiz students on content from other software, such as, Awesome Bible Stories CD. Plan out the question sets you will need over the course of the year. I have always found it easier to create several question sets in a row rather than piecemeal throughout the year.

As you begin to create various question sets, keep track of who has done which on a poster board near the computer. Many churches let their young people create their own question sets. This can be an extremely effective way of reinforcing content in that the students have to think through the content before creating it. Kids like seeing their handiwork on the screen too. While they won't have time to create an entire set, they will enjoy adding several questions to a question set you have prepared in advance.

Last but not least, you'll find that adults enjoy playing Jericho a lot. Come up with a fun question set and run it during fellowship time on Sunday morning.

Tips on Game Play and Question Writing

It takes about 60 questions for two or three teams of fourth graders to get to Jericho and see the walls come tumbling down without repeating questions. Let me suggest, however, that repeating questions is a good thing (depending on the questions). Writing 100 questions per question set, however, can be quite a daunting task. Instead, write sets of 35 to 50 questions set to run in sequential mode. If nobody is at Jericho after the last question, the questions recycle.

  • To play a short game, or if you only have 20 questions in your set, SELECT "Short Game" Option from the menu bar of the program.

  • Include verse chapter and book in your questions to get student to look up the answer. (The Question Editor does have a separate field to input verse info, but it will only show in the answer.)

  • Many have found the most success using Jericho with only two or three teams. Four teams can slow play down significantly. Many will have student teams play only a ONE player game with all students at that computer working together.

  • If you have multiple copies of Jericho at different computers with the same question set, the one player computer teams can race each other to see which computer gets to Jericho first.

  • Try not to pit individual players against each other. Teammates can teach each other as they work together.

  • Instead of teams competing against each other, consider having the ENTIRE CLASS compete as one team.

  • You can also have up to four teams each WRITE DOWN the answer they choose, then select the right answer in the game to make the player(s) advance. Keep track of individual team scores on a separate sheet.

  • Another fun variation on play is the RELAY game. Line up the entire class or two teams. One by one the players come up to answer their question and try to advance their player. Keep the question set short so that questions repeat themselves often. This makes each person on each team pay attention to all the questions, not just their own.

  • Have two teams of students do some research and then type in 10 questions per team at the end of a question set you have already begun. They'll enjoy seeing their material come up added to your own.

  • When one team is trouncing another, swap some members. The more you do this, the more they'll get used to it and enjoy the game rather than worrying about who is winning.

  • Create True/False questions by typing True in answer field #1 and False in answer field #2. Place asterisks in fields 3 and 4.

Use Jericho in combination with other programs to test what they learned in those programs. If you have time, have the students researcj and add several questions of their own to the question set you created on that material.

Technical Notes about the CD:

  • The Fall of Jericho CD loads it's entire contents right onto your hard drive. Remember to store your CD in a safe place.

  • The CD contains ample on-disk help files . If you need help, however, don't hesitate to call us. These Teaching Tips are also located on the Help Files.

  • To move question sets, go into the Jericho Folder on your harddrive and copy the TXT files which have the names you gave your question sets.

  • To delete/edit HIGH SCORES, open the HighScores.txt file in the Jericho folder and edit carefully.

  • You can edit the TEXT that appears in each of the Sinai Landscape scenes!  Open up the Descriptions.txt file in the Jericho folder.

Yes, you can COPY question sets you create to another computer where Fall of Jericho is legally installed.  However, please note....depending on your system, 'finding' that file might be a little tricky. Here's the explanation...

SOLVED!  The Mystery of the Apparently Missing Question Set ...when trying to COPY a question set from one computer to another...

The following file security oddity on affects you if you're trying to copy an existing question set from one computer to another in Vista/Windows7, sometimes.

I noticed this weirdness the other day after creating a question set and trying to copy it to another computer. On my Windows 7 Inspiron17 computer I went to COPY my EASTER.TXT question set txt file (seen right) from the Program Files/Jericho folder. I had tried to access the file using Windows Explorer (aka "Computer" or "My Computer"), --but when Windows Explorer opened the file dialog box, I could not see the set I had just created in the Jericho folder!! Horrified, and thinking it didn't save, I opened the Jericho Question Editor again to see if the file had saves. Yes it had. Thankfully the Editor's file dialog box could see easter.txt. (The reason why Windows Explorer wouldn't show it to me is described below).

Thankfully, I was able to copy the file by following these steps:   1) Open Jericho Editor's "Edit Existing File" selection, then 2) "Select a Question File" screen (seen here). It showed me all the files as you can see in this graphic, including the one I couldn't see using Windows Explorer. Then 3)  RIGHT CLICK the file you want to copy and select COPY. That puts the file on my Windows clipboard. Now you can paste it anywhere. I went to my Desktop and right clicked a blank area and selected PASTE.  From there I could copy it without problems.

I've since discovered that Window's Vista/W7 has a security feature that doesn't like it when some programs try to write a text file to the harrdrive, so it puts the text file in what it calls the "Virtual Store".  This "Virtual Storage" area is buried in your system and unsearchable. You have to go tunneling after it. Below in this graphic you can see where Windows has created a virtual storage folder for the Jericho program. Note: the graphic below shows my Windows7 laptop called "Inspiron17" and my user log in as "Inspiron17". You'll need to tunnel down to your user, then AppData and so on.

Saying this another way... for some strange security reason in Vista/W7 your created question sets may be stored in the 'virtual' folder rather than the actual folder in the Program Files(x86) folder. Windows does this because it is suspicious of programs writing to the harddrive, then it makes 'finding' the files an exotic journey. Once you find your text files, you can COPY them back into the real ProgramFiles(x86)/Jericho folder if you like, for future reference.

Jericho & Vista/W7 Compatibility Note:

In order to be able to work in the Question Editor you may need to Right click the JerichoEditor.exe startup icon, and select "run as administrator" prior to running the Jericho Editor. See graphics BELOW...


Please remember the 8th Commandment
and copy each Jericho CD to ONE AND ONLY ONE COMPUTER. Copying it to multiple computers is illegal. It is wrong to teach the Bible with stolen materials! These Jericho Teaching Tips are the copyrighted property of Sunday Software, 2004. They may not be reproduced for seminar or resource center use, but may be copied for teacher use in the church which originally received them. Comments and suggestions welcome! Call 1-614-527-8776 or email us to receive more copies of Jericho and/or our latest Christian education software catalog.


Note about Older Versions of Fall of Jericho:

If your main screen looks like this:


---then you have the quite-a-bit OLDER version of Fall of Jericho and need to order the updated version that looks like this: