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Fall of Jericho CD

~make your own question sets and turn them into a race to Jericho,

reinforcing your  lesson content and refreshing student memories in a fun way!

Bonus:  If you already own this CD, see my links BELOW about Downloading the free Easter Quiz and Nicodemus quiz sets.

Pictured above: The gameboard which displays the scores and player locations in the Sinai landscape. During the game, students see the gameboard to compare team locations, then see a question screen (pictured below), and also see their onscreen character advance through various Exodus landscape scenes as they progress (pictured below).

Pictured below: A question as it would appear to the players.

Pictured above behind the options text: One of the Sinai scenes that players walk across as they advance.


Jericho Overview:

One to four teams or players race each other across the Sinai Wilderness answering quiz questions.

First one to Jericho sees the walls come tumblin' down!

You create your own question sets (as many questions in the game as you want), or play the set which comes with the game. You can create as many different sets as you want, and can copy them to other computers where you have another copy of Jericho.

Onscreen Animated Players advance through Sinai landscape (example pictured right) when they answer questions correctly. Then they see the gameboard which shows their score and how close they are to Jericho (gameboard screenshot seen at the top of this webpage)

Fall of Jericho is themed on a race to Jericho, but it can be about ANY subject you want it to teach.

Great for playing immediately after your Bible study, and for refreshing student memories weeks and months later.

More Fall of Jericho Details:

When students first start the game, they select from a menu of "question sets" that you have created. You create these sets using the easy-to-use built-in Question Editor. Questions can be on any subject. You can also select to play the 1400 Bible Question Set that comes with the game.

Teams or Players sign-in and select which animated characters they want to represent them on the screen. Now the race is on! Questions appear for each team to answer.

There's no time limit to how long they can take to answer. Answer correctly, and your character advances across the Sinai (example picture right).   Answer wrong and the next team can try to answer the question to advance.  

Game Options:  (see the graphic above for more option details)

  • Play a short or long game (which adjust the # of correct answers it takes to reach Jericho).
  • Add Hints to questions.
  • Add Comments which display after correct answer.
  • Add Book, Chapter Verse and encouragements.
  • Adjust individual questions to easy/medium/hard. Correct Hard questions advance the player farther down the road.
  • Correct Answer Options include: "Continue until correct" or "If incorrect, give question to next team."
  • A High Scores screen shows all-time best scores and can be modified/deleted.

Age Range:

Fall of Jericho can be used with a WIDE AGE RANGE. Adults and kids enjoy Jerichio. Even non-readers will enjoy the game play and graphics if they have someone to read the questions to them. On average, we recommend creating about 25 to 35 questions per quiz question set. Options give you the ability to adjust Playing Time.


One of the reasons Fall of Jericho is popular in Sunday School computer labs is that it can be about almost ANY SUBJECT. It all depends on what YOU (or your students) type into the question editor. And that means it can fill a big hole in your software library when you don't have software on a certain subject, or don't have the computing power or budget to be able to get some other program. The kids never seem to tire of it.



Simply open the Jericho Editor, create a new file name, start typing multiple choice questions and answers (or True False), add more, and save.

Then when you turn on the game, it will ask you what verse set you want to play with. Select from the menu of verse sets and away you go.

If you own multiple copies of Fall of Jericho in your lab, you can create a verse set on one computer and easily copy it to another using a disk or flash drive. How-to instructions are on the CD and in our printable Jericho Teaching Tips.

You can add scripture references and "explanatory notes" that appear onscreen with your Questions and Answers. You can choose to make your questions appear randomly or sequentially (which is nice if you're walking kids through a story line). You can also change the number of points awarded for each question.

Bonus!  Download Neil's "Holy Week Review" question set, for use with Fall of Jericho CD. I've created 22 basic questions about Holy Week and recommend that you or your students add to them. 30 questions is a good number for a game. The is in the zip format and contains a question set text file. Unzip the txt file and copy it to your installed Jericho folder (where your other question-.txt files are located).  Need help with that? View our Jericho Teaching and Tech Tips.


Windows 98/ME/XP/Vista/Windows 7. Minimum 400mhz, 256mb RAM.
(Please note: The game CD comes with two unrelated bonus games from the developer which will not work in Vista or W7)

View a Video Demo of Fall of Jericho:
900kb Low Resolution Video  |  1.7mb Medium Resolution Video (clearer)

View and Print the Jericho Teaching & Tech Tips



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Pictured: A group of Sunday School students playing a Fall of Jericho quiz
with the help of a teen (kneeling in front of keyboard).


When ordering please remember that Jericho is a TEAM game. You might have 4 PCs in your lab, but you might only need to buy 2 copies of Jericho CD and install it to only 2 of your PCs because the kids will be grouping into teams. Jericho can handle up to 4 teams playing together, but we recommend playing just 2 or 3 teams with two or three kids per team PER PC. It keeps the game flowing. Smaller teams of just 2 or 3 kids also keeps some kids from sitting back and letting others answer for them. More teaching and team tips like this for Jericho are available in the Jericho Teaching Tips at this website.

With Fall of Jericho it is EASY to create one question set, and copy it to other computers where you have copies of Jericho installed that all your students can be working on the same question set at the same time, no matter how many PCs you have with Jericho running. "How-to" is discussed in the Jericho Teaching Tips.

Please Remember:

If you want Jericho installed on two computers, you need to buy two copies, and so on. It is illegal and un-Christian to buy one copy of the game and and install it to multiple computers. Question sets you create can easily be copied between computers where you have your copies of Jericho installed.

Pictured Right: A group of my Sunday School students mobbing the PC
where we are playing a Fall of Jericho quiz.

 View a Video Demo of Fall of Jericho
900kb Low Resolution Video   |   1.7mb Medium Resolution Video (clearer)

View our Tech Notes and Question Editing Helps for Jericho

Installation Note about the two bonus games found on the CD:  The developer put two freebie games on the install CD unrelated to Fall of Jericho game, and those two games do not work in Vista or Windows 7. There's also a "question conversion utility that appears in the install menu. This utility is for our long-time customers who may have an original version of Fall of Jericho and want to convert their old question sets to play in this newer edition of the game. If you're buying Jericho for the first time, you don't need to use the conversion utility.


1. Download Neil's "Holy Week Review" question set.  This set is for use with an installed copy of Fall of Jericho CD. The set contains 22 basic questions I created about Holy Week. I recommend that you or your students add to them using the Jericho Question Editor, --30 questions being a good number for a game. The is in the zip format and contains a question set text file. Unzip the txt file and copy it to your installed Jericho folder.

2. Go to my Nicodemus and Jesus Lesson Plan and download both the plan and Nicodemus Question Set for use with Jericho CD. This particular lesson plan and set demonstrates how to use a Jericho Quiz AS your Bible Study, rather than the typical method of using a quiz AFTER the study.

3.  View/Print Neil's 25 Questions About Christmas  ---suitable for use in the Fall of Jericho question editor.

Read my Updated Tech Notes for Fall of Jericho. They include some new tech helps on Copying Jericho Question Sets from one computer to another.

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