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Galilee Flyer from Sunday Software is a fun lesson-game that teaches
one of four Jesus subjects that you select from:

The Beatitudes  ~  Lord's Prayer  ~  Sermon on the Mount  ~  Kingdom Parables

Students fly  ~The Galilee Flyer ~ an antique Triplane in one of FOUR LEARNING GAMES across the Sea of Galilee and surrounding countryside.

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Here's how you play Galilee Flyer:

  1. Pick from one of four subjects: Beatitudes, Kingdom Parables, Lord's Prayer, Sermon on Mount.
  2. Select "easy" or "hard" flying controls.
  3. Take off and go study the verses on Mount Hippus.
  4. Fly around Galilee to find the verse-halves and match the correct halves with each other.
  5. As you can also answer questions about the verses to win bonus points.
  6. When you've matched all your verses, zoom back and land on the airfield to get your score.
  7. Get your "pilot ranking" (based on how many tries it took you to match the verses), and enter your name on the scoreboard.
  8. Then go fly to the Discussion Area, land and discuss the pop-ups, -or play again to try for a higher score.

View a 1.6mb Video Demo of Galilee Flyer
View the shorter-lower resolution 700k Video Demo

  • Great as a lesson CD, or after class and home use.
  • Wide age-range. Even young children can fly and learn with help.
  • Optional Reflection-Discussion content available in each game.
  • Scoring and game design encourages kids not to guess. Content is repeated to improve their recall.
  • Fun game design means they'll keep on using it for a long time to come.

See Price and System Specs Below

More details on how you fly and learn the verses...

As you fly, you fly into the floating verses we have scattered across the skies above Galilee. When you contact one, the plane pauses and a window opens revealing half of a verse and three options to complete it.

If you get the wrong match, the verse windows closes and you must then fly back around to open it again. The fewer wrong answers, the higher your pilot ranking at the end of the game.

When you get a verse half matched, pop-up Content about the verse appears.

Pictured Right >>
One of the verse pop-up QUESTION windows
from the Beatitudes game.

Also floating in the landscape are multiple choice questions about the subject which you can fly into to pop them open and answer to increase your score.

To win the game, players match all the verses on that subject as fast as you can and head back to the airstrip to receive a score. At that point they are prompted to fly to the Discussion Area (pictured right) where there are 3 open ended questions they can discuss with their teacher, or answer on their own.

Content Notes:

  • The Lord's Prayer -debts/sins/trespasses included. Pop-up windows provide meaning to the vocabulary of the prayer. Discussion area asks questions and suggests activities about HOW to pray more often.
  • The Beatitudes -NRSV of scripture. Pop-up windows with each verse help explain vocabulary and conceptual meaning of these strange but wonderful verses. Discussion area asks questions about the idea of being blessed.
  • Kingdom Parables -including Mustard Seed, Pearl of Great Price and Leaven in the Loaf...with an emphasis on teaching "The Kingdom of God." Pop-up windows describe the nature of seed/leaven. Discussion area questions and activities zero-in on being a part of God's Kingdom everyday.
  • Sayings from the Sermon on the Mount - including "you are the salt of the earth," "you are the light of the world," "love your enemies," "turn the other cheek," and "seek first the Kingdom of God." Pop-up windows describe things such as "why Jesus chose the image of salt." Discussion area questions and activities suggest Jesus' rules for how to be toward others.

Need to teach about the Kingdom of God? Galilee Flyer is the program to do it with. The Beatitudes tell us what the Kingdom of God will be like, what God values in his Kingdom. The Kingdom Parables tell us how we can find it, and how we should look for it. Even the Sayings from the Sermon on the Mount tells us how members of the Kingdom are supposed to act. And of course, the Lord's Prayer teaches us to pray for the coming of the Kingdom of God.

Game Play Notes:

  • There are approximately NINE VERSES per subject which must be correctly matched in each game.
  • There are approximately NINE QUESTIONS per subject which you can answer to win time bonuses.
  • There are 3 or 4 questions with life-applying comments in each subject's "after the game" discussion area.
  • Kids can also fly-in and land close to Jesus to hear him preaching on one of four the subjects selected for the game. Our Jesus voice and re-phrasing of scripture is warm and friendly. Jesus speaks in a modern informal style, not preachy.
  • It takes about 25 minutes per game, depending on the age of your students, game skills and knowledge. Over time, they'll get better.
  • Each game gives you 3 "lives." You can "crumple" the plane into mountains and objects, but there's no fire and explosion, ...just the sad sight of a bent plane, a funny sound and the word "ouch." I'm also happy to report that you cannot crash into Jesus!
  • The Location of verses and questions change each time you play the game.
  • All floating verses and questions in the game you select can be found in two locations across the terrain (so it isn't too hard to find them, and they'll undoubtedly encounter them at least twice).
  • The theological tone is "kid-friendly and moderate with an emphasis on the importance of BEING like Jesus asks us to be."
  • Visit our free detailed outline of Galilee Flyer's content, plus game/flying tips and technical notes.
Designed for readers Grade 3 to adult.
Unless otherwise note above, Galilee Flyer uses the NRSV scripture. Words and concepts are explained in text panel pop-ups. Because it is a flying game with an easy & hard option, the program will adjust to a wide range of ages and skills.

Grades 1 and 2 will have fun flying the landscape and can play the game if they have someone helping them fly and read the text panel pop-ups. Most of our customers use Galilee Flyer with Grades 1 and 2. Some of us have even used it with our preschoolers. They need lots of directional and reading help but love it just as much as the older kids.

System Requirements:
Windows Me/XP/Vista/Windows 7.
Minimum 700 mhz, 64 mb RAM, 8 megabyte videocard minimum for decent graphics

Regular Price: $25 for one copy.

Two or more individual copy sale price = $19 each.
**for 5 or more PCs see site license pricing below

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Galilee Flyer can also be ordered with a SITE LICENSE for larger labs:
See the online order form's site license line item for Galilee Flyer site license discount pricing.)

What's a "site license" ?
Our Site License version permits you to copy the program from one site license edition of the CD (included with the license) to as many computers as you have paid for. It's like a big discount.


Customer Quotes:

"Galilee Flyer is fantastic, compliments to you and you staff." ~Tim Polley, 1st Christian Church, Moline Illinois

"Used Galilee Flyer with grades 2-3 last Sunday. They loved it." ~Beth Galbreath, First Pres., Davenport Iowa

"My son skipped breakfast to play this game, and when he came home from school he brought a friend and went right back at it." ~Sara Gilmore, Dallas Texas

"We've been using Galilee Flyer in our Wednesday night program and it's the first thing we've done that's made one poor little boy smile." ~Linda Aranda, John Knox Pres, Florissant Missouri

I also have a 19 year-old son who I "caught" playing it on my home computer. And when my 14 year old boy discovered the icon on our home computer he came and told me he found this game and he picked The Lord's Prayer because he figured he could answer the questions and he thought it was really cool! So I again say thank you!  ~Luanne Payne, Hampton United, Hampton Ontario

One of my former foster kids was here last weekend. She is un-churched, and spent several hours on Galilee Flyer with the bible open to the Beatitudes, working away.  She is ten years old.  It was wonderful to watch!  Loved the flying music. ~Missy Shannon, Paradise Lutheran, Magalia CA.

Notes to Teachers:

Galilee Flyer is a game that teaches:

the verses
their location in the Bible,
key vocabulary and general meaning in each passage
life application.

Because it is a game --they will want to play again and again, ..meaning their knowledge mastery will go up.

Two kids can easily share the controls because there are two sets of airspeed controls. The gameplay keeps them on the task of studying the material as they fly. Even a third student can help them remember where things are in the terrain.

Our "Pilot Ranking" scoring system rewards students not only for speed, but for dealing with content. It records individual scores, which encourages them to "beat" the scores.

After the lesson your kids will enjoy buzzing around the hills and mountains, viewing the houses and flying at treetop along the shore where they can see the boats and maybe even a Disciple. The outer terrain around the Sea is particularly challenging to your flyers. There's plenty of stuff to try landing on too. And there are some hidden turbo boosts they can discover.

When first introducing Galilee Flyer to a class, we recommend giving them time to learn how to fly and land before the lesson starts. Over time, they'll get quite good at it.

Teaching Resources:

View & Print our free Galilee Flyer,Game Tips, Lesson Tips and Game Map

View & Print our free Pilot Briefing Poster for classroom use

View & Print the Verses and Questions found in each of the four games

See our Galilee Mountains room design notes for a great way to theme your classroom.

Read the Article: Teaching with 3D style Bible game software  at

Example of some of Galilee Flyer's Teaching Content:

TEACHING the Beatitudes, Lord's Prayer, and other Kingdom of God content found in Matthew... These scriptures use some big words and concepts. Galilee Flyer is designed to explain them all and reward students for paying attention.

  • What does "Hallowed" mean?

  • What does the word "Blessed" mean?

  • What is God's "Kingdom"?

  • What does it mean to say we are the "salt" of the earth?

  • What does it mean to "seek first the Kingdom of God"?

  • What is leaven?

  • What is daily bread?

  • and more...

Pictured right: Mount Hippus on the northshore of the Sea of Galilee.  On the hilltop you can see The Study Bible. Fly into it and the entire scripture for the game you are playing pops open. The archway on the right is a "Turbo Boost" Archway. Better have your seatbelt fastened when you go through one of these!  Secret: Fly under the Jordan River bridge and you'll get another 20 second boost.

Bonus Content: In Beatitudes and Sermon on the Mount your students can fly into a floating camera to activate one of two terrific videos shot on location at the Sea of Galilee -one from a boat, the other from the Mount.


View a 1.6mb Video Demo of Galilee Flyer

View the shorter-lower resolution 700k Video Demo

View more graphics from the program

See our Galilee Mountains room design notes for a great way to theme your classroom.


Cost of two copies of GALILEE FLYER CD  =

Have five different grades play all four games in Galilee Flyer 5 x 4 x 4 = 80 total lessons

$44 80 lessons = 55 CENTS per lesson.

Box of donuts = $6.00

Read more about the REAL cost of software


View & Print our free Galilee Flyer,Game Tips, Lesson Tips and Game Map

View & Print the Verses and Questions found in each of the four games

View & Print our free Pilot Briefing Poster for classroom use

Have an older version of Flyer?  Download a free set of UPDATE FILES
for the game that make the Easy Mode even easier for younger children!
Read about it and download it here.

View more graphics from the program

 Would you like to see a list of all the verses and questions found in each of the four games?
Go to our Galilee Flyer V's & Q's webpage and print them.

See my article on Teaching About Prayer with Software

What is a site license?