Lord's Prayer content used in our Galilee Flyer CD


During the game, the students fly the triplane to locate the first half of each verse in the Lord's Prayer, and are presented with a multiple choice of possible second-halves to complete the verse. If they get it wrong, they must fly back and try again. After each verse is correctly matched, a pop-up comment tells them more. Also in the flying landscape are 6 questions they must answer to receive bonus flying points. Those are also listed below.
VERSE Halves to be matched:
Number First Half Second Half Pop-up Comment 
Our Father who art in heaven 
Hallowed be thy name
Jesus used the word "abba" to address God, which in his language meant "daddy."
Hallowed means "holy" or "to honor."
Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done
on earth, as it is in heaven
Jesus teaches us to ask for God's Kingdom. We pray for God to guide our world and our lives.
Give us this day 
our daily bread 
Jesus teaches that we need God inour lives everyday just like we need food everyday to live.  
And forgive us our debts (sins/trespasses) 
as we forgive our debtors (those who sin/trespass against us) 
Jesus teaches that as we ask for God's forgiveness we must also consider who we need to forgive.
And lead us 
not into temptation 
Jesus teaches us to ask God for mercy, to act as our shield from things which tempt us.
but deliver us 
from evil 
Jesus encourages us to pray about the evil we experience, and ask for God's saving help.
For thine is the kingdom 
 and the power and the glory, forever. Amen
This ending to the Lord's Prayer is our way of saying, "We know we can count on you Lord til the end of time." 
QUESTIONS found while flying:
1. In Matthew 6:9, Jesus said to:
a. Pray the Lord's Prayer
b. Pray a prayer that includes these subjects
c. Go to your quiet place/closet to pray

2. The word "Hallowed" means:
a. "Empty" as in "hallowed log"
b. "Holy" or "Honored"
c. "Awesome" and "Righteous"

3. "Daily Bread" means:
a. Jesus wants us to count on God everyday for food.
b. We should ask God for food every day.
c. Jesus wants us to come to God everyday for spiritual nourishment.

4. Which of the following all mean the same thing in the Lord's Prayer?
a. Sins, Trespasses, Debts
b. Sins, Temptation, Evil
c. Kingdom, Power, Glory

5. In Matthew 6, just before teaching us what to pray for , Jesus teaches us:
a. where to pray and how to pray humbly
b. when to pray and who to pray to
c. who to pray to and how to pray humbly

6. In Matthew 6:7, Jesus cautions us about praying with:
a. non-believers who do not believe as you do
b. empty words that are not from the heart
c. hypocrites who do not pray from the heart