Awesome Bible Stories CD
6 great stories on 1 great CD!

Creation .... Adam & Eve .....Jacob & Esau... . Esther.... Zaccheus.......Parable of the Talents


Awesome Bible Stories CD
 version 2.0

Awesome Bible Stories CD features six animated Major Bible stories -each with its own fun interactive learning activities that help students dig into the story, remember it, and reflect on its life application.

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Awesome Bible Stories CD is our most popular title ...and it's easy to see why!

  • Each story is faithfully retold through fun animations and narrations -that are rich with content, music, humor, and fun sound effects.
  • Each story contains questions to consider and study notes for discussion.
  • Each story has an interactive reflection activity, and several of the stories have games which deal with story content.

Our design concept presents the stories in a memorable and fun way, providing appropriate background explanations to story content, explaining vocabulary, and zeroing in on the critical issues in these stories for kids. Our customers are also giggling at the humorous ways we have portrayed some of the characters and voices in these stories.

Awesome CD's wide range is Kindergarten through 8th grade. With an 'optimal' age range of 1st through 5th grade. On average, each of the six stories and their follow-up activities will take between 15 to 30 minutes to complete, depending on how much time you and your kids take to go over each story (and how many times you replay each of the games).

7th & 8th graders will enjoy the animations and humor of this CD, all the activities, and the deeper study questions. And actually, we know many teens enjoy this CD because of its richness and sense of humor.

Preschoolers enjoy everything but they will need a little bit of help working the controls, reading some un-narrated texts, and deciding which activities to do.

  • Each story contains narrated background information, study notes to explore and questions to ponder.

  • Each story has unique interactive activities that make learning the story fun.

  • Each story has extra questions tucked-away in it for teachers to ask.

  • Several of the stories have games with them.


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Story Details...


Creation --see, hear and interact with the Creation Story presented in a dramatic kid-friendly animation. Reflect on the power of Creation's words and meaning through a unique "Creation Power Poem" activity. Play a game to get the days right.

Awesome CD's Creation Story explains in a kid-friendly way the profound vocabulary and meanings found in Genesis 1. Through the story of Creation we see the power and majesty of God, as well as God's joy and  loving purpose in Creation, and our place in it.



Adam & Eve --kids enjoy our spirited retelling of the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden. Animated & narrated study notes help them understand the strange and sometimes difficult concepts found in this story. God wants us to obey him, and stand up to admit our mistakes when God calls to us. Play an Adam and Eve game about the story.

Introducing "Gabby"
a.k.a. Gabriel
Gabby is Awesome Bible Stories' onscreen host and narrator for four of the six stories. Gabby has quite an amazing voice and dialect. Listen to Gabby's story narration in the Jacob Audio Clips here on this page.

Gabby also "hosts" on onscreen reflection activity dubbed "Gabby Talker." Learn more about that by reading the description here on the right >>


Jacob & Esau --Nearly 10 minutes of animated narrated multimedia story PLUS learning activities and a fun game. See Jacob win his pot of stew and receive the blessing from his father Isaac. See him tricked by Laban, and wrestle with God to receive his new name, "Israel." Uncover the meaning behind key words and concepts, and what this story tells us about ourselves and our God. Have a bit of wrestling fun in "Jake vs the Midnight Mauler (God)" a two player wrestling game with story QUIZ questions in-between the rounds!

Kids can work on Jacob and Esau's apologies in the Gabby Talker reflection activity. God makes his covenant with imperfect people. We are the people who wrestle with God and receive his blessing. We are to reconcile with each other.


Esther - see this amazing and often comical story retold with fun animation, sound effects, and fun voices. Over 14 minutes of story animation and narration and study notes, ...during which the kids can "Boo Haman" by means of a boo-button whenever Haman's name is mentioned (an old Jewish tradition). Our Esther unit includes a fun 2 minute video depicting how modern Jews celebrate Purim in a U.S. synagogue.

This story also includes an Esther Quiz that explores the meaning of the story, and a fun "Haman vs Mordecai" game with extra study questions tucked into it. Esther's story is truly a wonderful drama with great content. Perhaps this CD was made for "just such a time as this!"


Zaccheus -Enjoy the warmly told and uniquely animated story from Zaccheus' point of view.  Enjoy narrated study notes that reveal the meaning of this story about a little man with the big heart. Play the Zaccheus Zappin' arcade game to see how much you remember from the story. We all need trees to see over the crowd (Sunday School is a tree!)  Each of us, regardless of our background, is welcome in Jesus' family.

Also included is the life-application Zaccheus activity titled "How do you measure up." Kids will rate their responses to a series of questions about their spiritual practices and Christian life to generate a score. The questions themselves become a point of discussion, as will the students scores.



Parable of the Talents -as students hear and see this unique parable unfold, they will have option to select alternate phrases for parts of the story that restate key concepts in a kid-friendly way. For example, they can select alternate ideas to the old word "talents" that make more sense to them when they hear it. (Of course, the result is to help them KNOW what a "talent" IS in their own language, but they'll think it's just fun). To reflect on this parable, kids play an onscreen STEWARDSHIP GAME after the story for one or two players/teams. God expects us to be stewards of his blessings. 


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