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Sunday Software's amazing
Abraham & Sarah CD

 The Call to Abraham

The Giving of the Covenant

Sarah's Strange Visitors
and her laughter

The Near Sacrifice
of Isaac


Generously Animated

Richly Illustrated and Interactive

Rock 'n Roll Reflection Music Videos

Stories Narrated by Youth

Deeper Material for
Older Students

Looking over the Main Control Console in the Scriptorium toward the scene from the CD's "Near Sacrifice of Isaac" lesson.

This is a very COOL CD



God Calls Us

God Gives to Us

God Expects from Us

God Promises Us

God Doesn't Ask Us to...


Bonus Activities:

Interactive Map Game
of the Middle East

Interactive Timeline
of Faith History

One/Two Player Abraham Quiz

Song Player

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Sunday Software's ABRAHAM & SARAH CD is unlike anything ever seen before or since in a Christian CD. We built a very UNIQUE INTERFACE for this foundational set of stories. This CD is visually engaging and musically rich, -with thought-provoking reflection content and a creative interface that brings alive these tremendously important set of Bible stories.


Introduction to the CD:

As the CD begins, your students sweep in over the Arabian Desert to the tune of "I Heard a Voice Today" --following Abraham and Sarah on their way to the land of Canaan. Students then come circling into "The Scriptorium" somewhere in the hills of Canaan. A large Scripture Console rises up in front of them. It is through the Scriptorium's Console that they will be able to launch themselves into five distinct learning areas and four additional learning areas.

Five major learning areas to explore:

I. The Giving of the Covenant
II. Sarah and Abraham's Visitors

III. The Near Sacrifice of Isaac
IV. Insane Fanat-asy
     (What will others say about me?)
V. Pay It Forward
(A living out the call take-home activity)

Plus... there are four additional interactive learning activities:

1. Scripture text - scrollable NRSV text of the stories for further study
2. Interactive Middle East Map game
-kid friendly. Helps them see connection between then and now
3. Interactive Timeline 
-helps students see where the story fits in to the Church's story
4. Abraham & Sarah Quiz   -
a two-player/team horse race to see how much was remembered

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EACH of the first four learning areas are complete lessons in themselves -with open/dig/reflect content. The Stories and Activities can be used separately or in sequence. You can selectively get through the CD in one 45-60 minute class time, or approach the content over a period of hours or several class times. Some material is more suitable for older students, but there's plenty for all ages. Non-readers will need assistance, but will enjoy the creative interface and animation. Each area is full of interactive study notes, a variety of multimedia presentations, and questions to locate and discuss, and in some cases print out (or view onscreen).


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