~ Explore the Exodus Story on the ground and in the air in 3 fun learning games ~

Exodus Adventures presents your students with 3 lesson-game adventures that explore the Exodus stories and their meanings.

Players navigate Robin, a young teenage archaeologist, through series of 3d game-style landscapes based on the Exodus story. Guided by her grandfather, Sir Dabney MacTavish the famous British archaeologist, Robin visits many of the Exodus story locations to discover their meanings and unlock their secrets. Sir Dabney provides clues, instructions, and reflects on story elements. Each game has storytelling, challenges, scripture and discussion content.

In effect, Exodus Adventures CD is 3 Bible Studies in the form of a game. We recommend teachers and parents play WITH their students. The content is laid out in such as way so that they must deal with it in order to advance. Each adventure takes about 35 minutes to complete, longer for younger students.

Robin and her grandfather begin each journey at their Mt Sinai base: St. Catherine's Monastery. Robin learns some of the Exodus story at the Monastery where the monks have had centuries to prepare lessons for pilgrims. (The monastery is a real place in Sinai, and our game version was modeled on it). Robin then flies from Sinai to Egypt in her helicopter.

The helicopter is one of the games' great "hooks". The kids get to fly it to the Exodus learning locations.

In Game 1, Robin flies to Goshen to learn how the Israelites came to Egypt, then flys to Midian to discover the burning bush, then on to Pharaoh's Palace to learn about the confrontation with Pharaoh.

In Game 2, Robin explores the Red Sea, figures out the Miriam Song Game, finds the hidden trail to the Marah Well, overnights in the Manna Cave, collects manna in Rephidim, then flies back to find the staff of Moses and strike the rock of Horeb.

In Game 3, Robin zooms over the Sinai wilderness in her helicopter to find 7 Quiz stations. At each she'll hear info about the Israelite's wandering and must answer a question to advance. Your students will have to dive into their Bibles to answer the questions. At the end of Game 3 she lands atop Mt. Nebo to meet her grandfather for some reflection on the Israelite's journey to the Promised Land.

Read about all 3 games in detail down below

Video clips are
located throughout the first game which Robin's grandfather has assembled to teach her the story. These clips are courtesy of the video production  ~

The video clips feature actual footage of Exodus locations, re-enactments, special effects, and narration from the scriptures. Game 2 also has an extended clip summarizing the crossing of the Red Sea in dramatic moving images.

Through a combination of 3-D terrains, characters, 3D game play, scripture. questions sprinkled through the program, and video clips shot on location along the Exodus story, your students will encounter the story as never before.



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System Minimum:  Windows 98se/Me/XP/Vista/Windows7. MINIMUM 1.4 gb processor, 32mb videoram, 1gb system ram. Higher recommended. Depending on the quality of your older system, some game loading and play may slow down if you are near the minimum.

Recommended Minimum: 1.8ghz, 64mb videoram, 2gb system ram. If your computer is circa 2004 or older, it may not be able to handle this program. Check your specs! Be glad to tell you how to do that, email neil@sundaysoftware.com

AGE RANGE: Ages 6 to 17 will enjoy the adventure. Ages 6-8 WILL need assistance to complete some of the tasks. Younger children love the game and will learn the story from it if they have help navigating, flying, reading and following directions.


  Game 1. Birth to Burning Bush and Confrontation with Pharaoh
  Game 2. Red Sea, Bitters waters at Marah, Manna, and Rock of Horeb
  Game 3. Toward the Promised Land

GAME 1: 
The story of the Hebrews in Egypt, Moses & Pharaoh, and the Plagues

Brother Deni greets Robin at St. Catherine's Monastery with message from her grandfather. She views a short film in the Miriam's Monastery Library, must find the helicopter key, then fly across the Nile to the Land of Goshen. Following her onboard navigation system, she lands at Goshen Village and visits her grandfather at the Goshen Dig Site.

In Goshen she meets her grandfather who tells her the story of how the Hebrews came to live in Egypt,  and how they became slaves. The Dig Site which Robin and her grandfather walk through is a recreation of an actual archaeological site in Goshen. It includes an archaeologically-correct Hebrew home which Robin can walk through. Dabney has several video presentations that Robin must find in the dig site. She learns about the birth of Moses. Then an Egyptian soldier appears and forces Robin to collect straw and take it to the mud pits.

Once she has completed her Goshen tour, Robin flies her helicopter to Midian where she encounters God in the Burning Bush, just like Moses did. God takes over the teaching here and asks Robin several questions. The ruins in this area require some figuring out in order to encounter God. A large marker on the hill gives her instructions.

At the end of the burning bush level, Sir Dabney appears to tell Robin to fly to Pharaoh's Palace to learn the story of Moses' confrontation with Pharaoh. Inside the Palace, a Hebrew slave quizzes Robin about the Plagues on Egypt. Answering the questions correctly is her only way out. Watch out for guard and frogs! 

After escaping from Pharaoh's Palace, Robin flies back to the Monastery and must climb Masah Tower ("Massah" means "testing" in Hebrew) to meet her Grandfather one last time. He has some reflection questions for her, if she's not too tired.

Game 1 has several video clips in it which help tell the story. They are courtesy of ~~  

GAME 2:  Cross the Red Sea, Journey to Mt. Sinai

Robin's grandfather, Sir Dabney, meets her in the library and tells her to go find "The Red Sea Room" at St. Catherine's monastery where the monks have recreated the "The Red Sea Experience" for pilgrims.

After viewing a special video about the Red Sea crossing and zapping scorpions with her airblaster, Robin heads back to Miriam's Library where the monks have created a Song of Miriam MAZE.  It can only be solved if they play the song tiles in the correct order. Miriam's song summarizes the joy and the praise which the Israelites experienced after being rescued.

Solving the maze opens up a secret passage to the Trail to Marah through the monastery wall and out into the Sinai Desert. Out in the desert, Robin learns about the Israelites constant complaining. Robin arrives at Marah and meets  a complaining and thirsty Israelite. Robin reads a scripture scroll about how Moses made the waters sweet, and is instructed to find a branch to do the same. After finding the branch, Robin offers a prayer to God and the waters are made sweet. The thirsty Israelite's praises God --summarizing this part of the story, then both take a dip in the cool waters.

As night falls, and Robin must make it to the Cave of Manna. It's entrance is hidden down the trail, but Robin is an experienced adventurer! Once inside the Cave she meets up with her friend Brother Deni the Monk. He asks about her journey and what she has learned.  In the morning he teaches her about the miracle of the Manna and she collects it in a short manna game.

After collecting manna, Robin gets a message from Dabney to climb the cliff to the helicopter, and fly back to the monastery where she must climb Masah Tower to find the Staff which Moses. She'll need it to strike the Rock of Horeb which the Monastery is built around. Something special and fun happens at that point -the bottom of the monastery becomes a huge swimming pool! Robin jumps in to talk to her grandfather and Brother Deni who are swimming around with some final thoughts on the story.

Sir Dabney MacTavish
Chief Archaeologist of the British Royal Egyptian Museum,
and Robin's Grandfather and Guide on her Exodus Adventure.

GAME 3:  To the Promised Land

Robin zooms over the Sinai wilderness in her helicopter -learning about the Israelite's
wilderness wandering on their way to Jericho. This game is a flying-quiz overview "about the rest of the Exodus story" as it is found in Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. Game 3 introduces these little known books and their stories. The quiz should get your students to OPEN THEIR BIBLES to books most don't even know exist. Each question includes a scripture reference which students need to look up in order to answer the questions. Each question is narrated, and includes some additional facts and background about the journey to the Promised Land. Robin and Dabney also make comments throughout the flight and discuss the journey atop Mt. Nebo at the end of the game. 

Warning: the helicopter needs refueled in Game 3!  Look for the green gas cans -or you'll soon find yourself stranded in the desert. In Game 3 there's also an onboard map system that shows players where they are in the landscape.

After finding the final question, Robin must fly and land on Mt. Nebo overlooking the Promised Land, -where she'll meet her grandfather one last time and discuss the meaning of the journey across the hard wilderness, and what the story tells us about our faith lives.

Teaching Notes:

  • Our design exploits your students' desire to pay FULL ATTENTION in order to "beat the game".  What they don't know is that the game can't beat them!

  • Sir Dabney functions as a TEACHER and GUIDE. Listen to him carefully.

  • The CD's goal is to present an overview of this very large story. Content is laid out sequentially, meaning... you can't jump past the Burning Bush level to get to The Plagues. The game is intended to teach the scope of the story, not to spend 20 minutes on Baby Moses.

  • The fun 'game' elements, such as the spiders, do not thwart progress. You can't crash the helicopter or "run out of turns" in Games 1 and 2.  (You can run out of gas in Game 3.)

  • Games 1 and 2 each take about 35 to 40 minutes to complete. The games contains both scriptures from the story, background content, and questions for reflection. Game 3 takes about 20-25 minutes.

  • The length of time it takes a student to complete their lesson will depend on their age, what you stop to talk about during the game, and the degree to which a helper is present.  With younger children, a helper will help speed up game play.

  • A SAVE GAME feature allows students/teachers to return to a spot. Our Teacher's Guide suggests saving game locations ahead of time. Teacher's can decide how much they want to help students advance by giving them clues as to how to complete a level. See the guide for details.

  • Most of the game's content is narrated, however, some items require reading.

  • A complete OUTLINE to the game, including Teaching Tips is provided at www.sundaysoftware.com/tips, as well as several printable handouts that guide students through the game.

  • Teacher Cheats!   print our condensed version of the full guide for quick reference.

You are looking at an OLDER VERSION of this webpage.

Description and links to teaching resources are likely out of date.

Go to http://sundaysoftware.com/site/exodus/
for the latest info and resources for our Exodus CD!

A Few Customer Reviews

Loved the Plagues part - very cool!  Also thought the burning bush section was awesome.  Can't wait until we do this again next year with Moses. I wish we had a video projector in the church.  It would be really neat to give the congregation a little taste (like the burning bush)!  I hate spiders and was very appreciative every time Robin agreed with me!  What a hoot!
~ Luanne Payne. Hampton United Church, Hampton Ontario

I have enjoyed presenting Exodus Adventure to my sunday school class. ...the quality videos that are part of the storyline, and (most helpful) a flow that enforces the teaching goals. There are many creative game elements you could be complimented on, but let me at least compliment you on the helicopter compass. My children don't know east from north, but it was easy to navigate, without impinging their freedom, by matching the picture on the clipboard to the picture in the compass. It was a very good solution to a problem that otherwise could have encumbered gameplay.  Can't wait for Jesus in Space CD! 
-Tim Hartley, St Paul MN

Very exciting software
-Pam J., Uniting Church, Seaton Australia,

My daughter Allison is my tester and she loves the game.
-Polly S., Greensboro NC

Whoa, Neil this is awesome. I'm lost but loving it.
--Children's Pastor Ted, Grace Church, Denver

Dear Sunday School Software,
I just want to tell you how much my 5th-6th class loves this game. My five students and I had been doing a month long study of the Exodus story, and followed it up with this game much to their delight. It was such a hit that we scheduled an extra week with it. The next month when we started Joseph they asked if we were going to be using software, and I said "yes, next week."  Next week we had 8 students in class, and several brothers and sisters clamouring to get in afterwards!  And I had to run down and borrow the pastor's laptop. When he asked "why" I told him, "because we've finally figured out how to improve attendance!"  Keep up the good work.  
--Emma Kaczmarek, teacher, Park Bible Church, Chicago

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