Introducing Sunday Software's      
 Elijah & Jonah CD

What is a prophet? Will you pick up the prophet's mantle? What does a prophet do?
How does God speak to us? What does God want from us? What's our mission?
Who does God care about? How far should you go to carry the message? How do you hear God?


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Elijah and Jonah CD is a wonderful set of interactive multimedia lessons and content-oriented games for children ages K through teen set in an "interactive comicbook interface"... the first of its kind.

All the story content is narrated --making it usable by even the youngest students. Yet, the artwork, study content, and humor is sophisticated enough for teens. The story text/narration is 97% straight from scripture, with only minor modifications for clarity.

Elijah's 3 stories -each an individual lesson:

  1. Elijah and the Widow of Zarephath 

  2. Elijah, Ahab & Jezebel
                the Prophets of Baal on Mt. Carmel,
                       and the Still Small Voice

  3. Elijah passes his mantle to Elisha and leaves on a chariot of fire

Elijah's 3 stories include mini-games that reinforce content.

Jonah's story  is an engaging interactive lesson that covers the entire story. It teaches....

-How compassionate IS God?

-Who deserves God's goodness and forgiveness?

-How DO we reach out to those who are different?

-How much should we forgive?

-What's our mission?

Other older Jonah CDs got stuck on "the whale." Ours does not. While we certainly do have a whale (and even a whale spittin' game), we look at the entire story, including the conduct of the sailors and the Ninevites. We contrast them to Jonah's GRUMBLING self-righteousness. We explore the argument between God and Jonah over the plant and city.

Our Jonah story is 98% word for word from the scripture, wonderfully drawn animated graphics backed with great music and strong character voices. Jonah's story also features several games. Read on!





More about Elijah & Jonah CD's unique "interactive comicbook interface"

This CD's animation, illustrations and navigational are unlike anything we've ever produced. Student and Teachers have tremendous navigational control --flipping pages and interacting with individual panel in the comic book-like layout. Each scene is narrated and musically scored. Animations and pop-up study notes abound, including mini-quizzes, and narrated discussion questions. Mini-games within each story engage the kids, and games and quizzes at the end of each story reinforce content.



Both these stories are filled with humorous animations, interactivity and content-related GAMES.

In Smoochie the Whale's "Spittin' Game, for example, students blast Jonah from the whale's mouth and try to land him in the right places. They learn about the people, situations and places where God wants us to go and share his message.

JONAH has two content-oriented games built into it: Smoochie's Spittin' Game (about "how you can be a prophet in your daily life"), and Wormie's Game (about taking away Jonah's comfort zone)

ELIJAH has four games built into it.  
Including "Baal Invaders" and "Catch me if you can."

Each story also has several "mini-games" throughout the story. And there's a two player quiz game "all about Elijah's stories" on the CD. It's sort of like an onscreen board game.

In addition to the games and main storytelling, each story has a variety of activities, study notes and quiz questions which appear throughout each story. Our navigational style allows you EASY access to all the content and activities.


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Hi Neil,   I wanted to tell you how delighted I am with the Elijah and Jonah software. It's a really great combination of fun and discussion points. I shared it with my fifth grade class on Sunday and they didn't want to leave when class time was over. My 12 year old daughter wandered in while I was going through the software at home and she kept working with it when I had to go off and do laundry!
~Teisha W., Poland Pres. Poland Ohio

I’ve just previewed the “Jonah” portion of the disk, and it’s great.  I’m going to use it in Bible study with the kids at our summer music camp, who will be producing a Jonah musical. Thanks again for helping to make our kids’ Bible exploration more exciting!
~Julie W., St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Burlingame, CA

Elijah and Jonah is awesome! The content is straight from the Bible; the application questions are right on target, and the games have "kid-appeal". 
~Susan W.
Central UMC, Fayetteville Arkansas

Software was a huge hit ! Thanks so much!
~Lynn M. Church at Libertysquare, Cartersville GA

Neil, we just wrapped up a month with the theme of “A Runaway Prophet & aBig Fish” and your Elijah & Jonah software was the PERFECT way to end our month. This is your best software yet! Not only did our younger kids enjoy it, the youth Sunday School class invaded our computer lab when they heard the fun and took turns playing “Wormie.” 
~Andy B. Bethlehem Pres. Monroe, NC


You are looking at an OLDER VERSION of our Elijah and Jonah webpage.

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