Five Loaves ~ 2 Fishes CD

This clip features the full version of the title song to our new CD
5 Loaves ~ 2 Fishes CD
an interactive lesson-game about the Feeding of the 5000

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The Title Song reappears at the END of the lesson-game in the closing REFLECTION activity.


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"5 Loaves, 2 Fishes, O Lord don't you know what my wish is,
just to be with you, and serve you all my life...."


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Our "5000" CD was produced using some of the same terrain and 3d models found in our Faith Through the Roof CD --the story of the man let down through the roof. The story of the man let down through the roof also took place along the Sea of Galilee in Peter's hometown of Capernaum. According to Luke, the miracle of the Five Loaves ~ 2 Fishes took place outside of Bethsaida.