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What others are saying about Sunday Software
and Computers in Christian Education

This page is here for those wondering who we are, who I am, and what others think about Sunday Software. It's also here for me on the days when I wonder why in the world I left my "cushie" church job to start this thing. It's nice to be appreciated. That said, My Grandma Mary had a phrase for all this. She called it, "Pick I up and Kiss I." ...Grandma was a pip.

I very much value the reputation we've worked hard to establish. As a Sunday School teacher and minister, I know you don't have time to look at everything ...or remember everything there is to remember about the software. I've tried to create a resource ministry (not merely a retail operation) that folks can trust for expert help. This ministry exists because of your encouragement and support.

<>< Neil MacQueen


Above is a picture of a model posing as Neil MacQueen, the Founder, President and Janitor of Sunday Software Inc. "Substitutionary Aphotoment" is a common industry practice when the real owner's photo is too handsome to believe. When this model was younger, he didn't wear hats or have grey hair.


I recently received this nice note from a long-time customer who has created computer labs in three churches she has worked in...

Hello from snowy Rochester NY. Wanted you to know that we have been running rotation since just September (3rd church I have implemented it) and everyone LOVES it! Perhaps the best room is our computer lab.  Nobody misses that week!  The same volunteer wants to be there every week and now she has taken over writing the lesson.  I have a new best friend who serves as my computer geek.
Bless you for your ministry and guidance,
Donna Kaser


Received this unsolicited thank you just recently...


I’m sure you’re mailbox is full and I don’t want to clog it up more but I wanted to let you know how much ‘my kids’ in Sunday School are enjoying your products.  I’m just ‘testing the waters’ with computers for Sunday School to see how the kids like it (because I was losing my 3rd and 4th graders – they were just so bored with traditional Bible stories and leaflet handouts and could tell they needed something new to hold their interest)…. Just thought you’d like to hear some positive feedback that it’s working great and the kids love it, and your newsletters make it so easy for me and are so full of great lesson ideas.

Thanks for a great concept and product line! 

Ruth Kehoe, St. John’s Lutheran – Ridge Valley/Sellersville, PA


Also received this wonderful email in response to our email newsletter question: What's our favorite program?
What's our favorite? All of your software programs have something unique which draws the kids into the story.  Which is why we keep coming back.
My daughter and I have been teaching with the computers for almost 5 yrs and we both  love Abraham and Sarah CD.  The music and songs really helps keep the kids focused on the story.  Our second favorite is Galilee Flyer.  And you certainly can't go wrong with Fluffy's Christmas CD.
Keep up the good work.
Mark Perry, First Presbyterian, Spring Hill Kansas

Prue's computer lab started in 1997 and is one of the longest running Bible computer labs in Ohio. In 2010 she wrote:

Neil, Thank you so much for all you have done. We have continued to use Computers in our Workshop Rotation (model Sunday School). And our kids and teachers just love it still. The concept of creating and learning on the computer is golden.  

Prue Dana, Oxford Presbyterian Church, Oxford Ohio

A church in Glen Ellyn Illinois has been a customer of ours for a long time, and recently sent me this email....

Speaking on behalf of our Education Staff and volunteers – both past and current – we feel very blessed to have you and Sunday Software as resource.  Your reviews, articles, lesson plans and creative ideas inspire us and help us to be better teachers and apostles.  I look forward to your newsletters.  There is ALWAYS something practical and transformational for me to share or incorporate. 

My 11 year old son was giving the "Attack of the Sunday School Zombies" a trial run last night for me last night while I explored the Illumnia software.  I was cracking up just listening to the "meetings, meetings, meetings."  I think it would be a great resource for me to use for our volunteers too – sort of a fun leadership training.  Attitude really makes a difference for us all.  I need to play it myself next. 

So, a big thank you to you and your ministry!

Catherine Curtis. 1st Congregational, Glen Ellyn IL

Thanks for sharing your good news. I will always turn to you for my Christian Education Software Needs.  Your personal attention and great Customer Service are a winning combination that you can't get with larger companies.  Keep doing God's Work.
Susan Wagner, Bonsack UMC, Roanoke VA

As part of our 2006 Tenth Anniversary celebration, we interviewed several of our earliest customers who are still with us teaching with software in their churches. I've excerpted several of their comments here below.

"Neil is very much focused on helping his customers actually teach with the computers and software.  The software wasn't the end - it was the means to get kids into the Biblical story and explore its meaning.  What really impressed me though - and has made me a customer for life  - was Neil's evolution from not only distributing software and teaching us how to use it in Sunday School - but to also becoming a software developer himself.  Neil knew what Bible stories people were trying to teach - he was teaching them himself - and he knew what we needed out of software to get the lesson across - and he set out to develop that software so that the software could truly be a tool in bringing the Bible to children.  I am enormously impressed by what Neil has done, and there is a whole generation of children (not to mention parents and Sunday School teachers) whose Biblical knowledge and understanding are the true fruits of his labors."
--Rev Mitch Phillips, Resurrection Lutheran, Indianapolis.

I remember the first time I called you for advice. You took the time to teach and lead me. I have found this personal commitment to faith formation and the use of computers in this endeavor to be the most important element to me. That coupled with the fact that you understand kids and don’t teach “down” to them but make learning fun -leads me want to share this ministry with the adults and children here as well as support your ministry.
--Toni Nettles, Palmer Memorial Episcopal, Houston TX

Sunday Software's honest critiques and recommendations are very helpful.  Your evaluations come from the perspective of well-grounded Christian education.  I'm sure you do ask, "What looks cool on the screen?  What will appeal to kids?  What will be marketable?" etc.  But it's clear to me that your first questions are "What is the BIG point we're trying to get across, and how will this help the user connect more faithfully to God?"  This is a company of integrity and I trust your recommendations because I know you want what's best for my Christian Ed ministry, not just what's best for your pocketbook.  One of the biggest changes I've noticed is the addition of software produced by your company.  It's fabulous!  Keep it coming! 
--Tina Lang, First UMC, Madison WI

You're the best. This is the most important reason I love buying software from you -- you engage ALL the variations that folks may be working with and present a solution, without seeming to be annoyed by all my questions. Your reviews of software, teaching tips, availability to help with glitches, indexes of materials for particular lessons are invaluable. You make using the Computer Lab possible for a non-techie like me.
--Anne Camp, Shadyside Presbyterian, Pittsburgh PA

A Sampling of other Comments & Thanks You's sent to us over the years...

Our kids have had a wonderful time with computers.  Your software makes them dig into scripture.  They never want to leave the computer lab!!   ~Wanda C. Trinity UMC, Windsor CT

Thank you for doing such a great job coming up with this software. We have NOT been disappointed with a single purchase! ~Jim K, Sunday School Superintendent, Greenbrier First United Methodist Church, Greenbrier AR

The computer lab idea was shocking to a lot of people, but in four years attitudes have changed and the support is tremendous. --Holt T, Pine Forest UMC, Goldsboro, NC

Church of the Master in Florissant MO is an older congregation with many of the young ones being grandchildren brought along by their grandparents. We are gaining ground with some young families.  The material you provide is a big help and the kids do learn from it.  ~Dave Ackmann

Hi, Neil, Just a short note to say thank you for all the fine work you are doing on behalf of kids an the Kingdom. We don't buy any software from anybody but you--that's how much we appreciate what you're doing! Our kids love the computer--we just have three, and a borrowed laptop, but the kids are pretty good about working together. It's a joy to see them really engaged and thoroughly enjoying Sunday School. In Him, Helen S., Fort Valley UMC, Fort Valley GA

Chris is an only child and the son of a single mother who has been divorced twice. Chris was a bitter child. He'd always heard how boring Sunday School was and didn't want to come at all. He finally agreed when he heard we had a computer lab. He didn't want any part of Sunday School unless he could help with the computers. They sent him to me. I told him what I wanted but what he in fact did was sit at the computer and do the lesson while the first graders looked on. That was two years ago when Chris was a fifth grader. He has become very involved and is learning and growing in Christ. -Bill A., St Croix Valley United Methodist Church, Lakeland, Minnesota

Our first computer class was this past Sunday and it was a rousing success for a kickoff. The kids commented, "awesome", "cool", can we stay during church and keep playing". They also clearly retained more about the Gospel of Mark than the kids who attended the traditional classroom setting. -Maurice G., East Liberty Church, Pittsburgh

My oldest teacher said she had finally found a reason to become computer literate! She is about 65-70 years old and does a great job teaching our K-1st grade class but I think she is thrilled to find something new to do with the kids that is really worthwhile. --Anita S., Fleming Road UCC, Cincinnati.

Neil, just wanted to update you. I met with our church council last night and things went well. I prepared a 2 page informational sheet from the information you had posted on your computer web-site and I also had a couple of your software books to show them. Plus I gave them information from a couple of other churches I had contacted and the information you gave me from your e-mail. Needless to say, we should have a new computer lab up and running by next Fall. PTL!!!!! Things are really looking up and I envy the kids who will be in sunday school. I would have loved to have something like this when I was growing up. Lois P., 1st Lutheran,York Nebraska

Love your catalog and your ministry. --Lisa L., Chair of the Education Committee at First Presbyterian Church in Helena, MT.

When I entered the questions into Fall of Jericho (CD) students noticed that two "correct" answers were wrong. The first one was on Mary and Martha. I had Mary being the worker (doer). The other one was with a 3rd grade girl, She mentions to me that she thought this one question about the Darkness and no sunlight for 3 hours was well Jesus was still alive. She was right on the nose. Wow! And to think I was getting a bit tired as the end of the year was approaching and It livened me up. Yes this does work. --Wendy S., Gloria Dei Lutheran, Rochester MN.

I would like to thank you for all of your help so far. I am looking forward to an exciting year in the computer area!-- Karen B. West Chicago IL

A lot of the older boys bring their gameboys to play during free time (in between dinner and "Super Kids" fellowship - they have about 1/2 hour to play on the playground.) Just out of curiosity, I told them they could bring their gameboys to Super Kids, if they behaved (I wanted to see how many would actually do it.) Since then though, they have all stopped bringing them, they prefer the computer lab and our Christian software. Go God! --Rachel B., Elba Alabama

Many, many thanks for all of your help. We will follow your leads, particularly since all of your advice has been so good, direct, quick, and helpful. --Charlie C., Milledge Ave. Baptist, Athens GA

You got us started with some great software. You guys do your job very well and I recommend you to others. --Jim W., Norfolk Nebraska.

Thanks so much for service and ministry! -Barb Horsch, Gibson City IL

We're real excited about computers and kids! We just saw a demonstration of some marvelous software and want to order it. --Sherrill Biehn, Decatur, AL
I am having a blast with all the new software. Computers arrive today! Thanks for the info about set up.
--Donna Lindsay, Portola Valley CA

I have enjoyed working with you as Faith Presbyterian Church in Austin set up our computer lab. You were extremely helpful and are providing a good service to the church. --John G., Austin TX

Your website is AWESOME in having more information than any resource anywhere (and, believe me I have searched everywhere for answers to my questions). --Rev. Jim Crocker, Indiana

Keep up the excellent work----God is surely leading your way! Yours in Christ --Dana N., Henderson KY

I have your book, Computer, Kids, etc., and think it is great. --Barbara McLeod

Thanks for offering such great ideas for those of us who are trying to kick out the "boring"!!!!!!! ---Dana Simmons

Let me thank you for the wonderful phone conversation we had about two weeks ago. I received your book in the mail yesterday. I will enjoy reading it and passing it on to others that are involved. God Bless You many times because of the wonderful work you do.--Valerie Roberts, Moscow, ID

The software we have worked with so far has been wonderful! Thanks for your work. -- Pastor Jeanne Warner First Lutheran Church, Eau Claire, WI

Members of Hillcrest UCC Church are in awe over the attendance and eagerness of the kids in our computer lab. I have been contacted by the UCC churches in Nucla and Grand Junction, CO about starting computer labs. I have told them about your site and they are thrilled to hear that you only sell quality software. -Don F., Montrose CO

What an awesome ministry you are providing! I have been searching for quality interactive computer software to use with our large Sunday school ministry for a long time - and here you are! --Janine O., Director of Family Ministries, Hosanna! Lutheran Church Lakeville, Minnesota

I just wanted to take a moment out to thank you for what you have "unknowingly" done to help us begin our computer room ("Paul's cyber journey"). I'm not sure what I would have done had it not been for your web site and your kind responses via email. --Jayne Pauley

Yesterday ten Senior men from our congregation spent an hour in the computer lab with me exploring Pathways Through Jerusalem. They want to come back to explore another day! --Loraine A. H., Lawrenceville Presbyterian, Lawrenceville, NJ

I got the software, thanks. My dad who is a fifteen year veteran sunday school teacher loves it. He teaches 5th & 6th graders, the software looks great for them.--Lynda Schrumpf

So many kind thanks for such a great website and wonderful email newsletter. Both are so 'personable' and friendly! --Louise Larson Janke, Tutor House

I am really impressed with the work you are doing! --Chere Flanagan, Tuscaloosa, AL

THANK YOU!, THANK YOU!, THANK YOU!!!! This website is a manna of information on computer labs. It is an answer to prayer for me. Your website is another door opened by God for a successful church school program. -Frances Rumsey, educator

I am now including in most every course I teach a segment of your work with the rotation model and evaluation of software. --Elizabeth Caldwell, Professor of Christian Education at a Presbyterian seminary.

Our computer lab is going great guns. We have received two donated computers (for income tax receipts) and a computer on loan (which may become permanent). As well, I applied and received grant money (from the national church) from a special fund to encourage new initiatives in youth ministry. From this money I have been able to purchase two Pentium II. What a treat! What seems impossible when you begin to work in this area, really is possible! --Cheryl Kirk, Wallaceburg Ontario

OK....that's enough.