The Play & Learn Children's Bible CD
hands down ~ the best preschool & early reader Bible CD available today

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from Sunday Software

Play & Learn Children's Bible CD features 50 read-aloud interactive Bible stories with multiple pages of illustrations and narrated kid-friendly  text for preschoolers and early readers up to about age 6 or 7. The stories are organized by theme and by the values they teach (a typical way many curricula are organized for this age group).

Does not work in Windows 7 and 8.

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Each of the 50 stories has 3 to 5 interactive 'pages' that the children flip through to see, hear and play with the story. (some other programs of this kind only give you one picture per story).

Kids pick a story and the program asks them if they want a narrator to read it for them, or they can read it themselves. After a brief narration on each page, kids can hunt for fun animations hidden in each screen. When they rollover the animation funspots, their cursor changes and the kids can click to play them. The kids LOVE this feature. See the video demo for examples. They can also click the Bible icon to search for interesting narrated study notes (such as the one about shepherds seen on this page below).

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The List of the 50 Stories in Play & Learn Childrens Bible CD

Old Testament

God Makes Adam and Eve
The Garden of Eden
Noah Builds a Big Boat
God Sends a Big Flood

Issac is Born
Esau and Jacob Are Born

God Helps Joseph
Joseph's Secret Identity

Baby Moses
A Bush Keeps Burning
Walking through Red Sea
Moses Leads His People
God Gives Good Rules (10 C's)
God Promises a Home
The Walls of Jericho

God talks to Samuel
David Fights a Giant
Special Gift for King Solomon
Queen Esther
Daniel and Lion's Den
Jonah and a Big Fish


Print a handout of the 50 Stories
to give to your teachers or post in your classroom

New Testament

An Angel Brings Good News
Baby Jesus is Born
Shepherds Visit Jesus
Wise Men Visit Jesus
The Boy Jesus
Jesus Teaches some Teachers

John Baptizes Jesus
Jesus Goes Fishing
Jesus Chooses 12 Disciples
Jesus Preaches a Sermon

Mary and Martha
The Lost Sheep
Prodigal Son
Jesus Loves Children

A Woman's Big-Little Gift
Down Through the Roof
Jesus Stops a Storm
Lunch for 5,000
Jesus Walks on Water
Lazarus is Alive

Last Supper
Jesus Dies on the Cross
Some Women Visit Jesus' Tomb
Jesus Goes Back to Heaven

Saul Becomes Jesus' Friend
Singing in Jail
A Boy named Timothy

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