John Calvin, Marty Luther and Sunday Software present...
  Cal and Marty's Scripture Memory Game

Cal & Marty is a fun interactive scripture memory game you can use again and again and again,
...and edit-in your own verses and quiz content.

Students and/or Teachers edit in their own verses, then study the verse before unscrambling the verses against the clock.

Students and/or teachers can also add comments and quizzes to each verse! 

Cal & Marty CD includes a scoreboard to track individual students, encouraging them to improve their score, and giving you a tool to see which verses they've mastered.

And... Cal & Marty Scripture Memory CD also has a sense of humor!   Cal (John Calvin) and Marty (Martin Luther) appear on screen encouraging you and offering comments. Most other scripture memory games are DRY, DULL, and don't come with verse editors.

Bonus feature: The CD also features Cal and Marty animatedly talking briefly about themselves and key ideas and concepts of the Protestant Reformation.


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Game Play
Before getting started, you or your students edit in the verse ahead of time using the Verse Editor. Then students select a verse they want to study. They have 30 seconds to study it, then the verse is scrambled. They drag the scrambled verse words into the correct order to win the verse and get a score. When done, Cal or Marty have a few words of encouragement, then a "verse comment window" appears (with content you have edited-in), then a 3 question quiz pops up (that you created when you edited in the verses).

You or your students EDIT IN THE VERSE, +  CREATE the COMMENTS to accompany each verse, +  and CREATE a 3 question QUIZ about the verse. The game comes with several verses to get you started but it's the EDITOR that's the thing. You put in your own verses, content and can use any translation of scripture YOU want to. Letting the students edit-in the verses help begin the memorization process and creates ownership.

Marty's Amazing Innovation:  

Cal & Marty's clock ticks "up"

The whole time students are unscrambling a verse a clock on the screen ticks UPWARD. Marty thinks that amazing because students can have as much time as they need to get the verse right. (Other unrepentant memory verse games tick down and the student runs out of time). Of course, Cal and Marty are watching and will give students a lower score for a higher time. Cal believes in "grace" however, and thus, your students can always try again (which is the plan) to get a better score. If they are stuck in a verse, students can also click the ASK CAL or ASK MARTY buttons and they will put a key word in the correct spot. However, this will affect their score. The STATS screen will track their progress for each verse and Cal & Marty will appear on screen to help them.

Cal & Marty think they have a sense of humor.
We'd like to apologize ahead of time to our German and French brothers and sisters, and all Luther-anians and Calvinistas. Our heroes in this CD have a little too much fun. We also apologize in advance for their accents.

Cal & Marty appear courtesy of some Fun Technology
--it's worth the price of the CD just to see that !    But their talking heads also make this program unique and fun to use. Cal and Marty appear on screen to encourage your students. Their eyes follow your student's mouse pointer across the screen.  They blink, they mutter, they scowl, they comment, ...and Marty has even been known to hum a few bars. Furthermore, your kids can play with Cal and Marty's heads using their mouse. (Check out teaching tips for this secret "how to" info.) The technology is called "biovirtual" and it's a lot of fun (plus it keeps the kids focused on content -wanting to use the program).

How did Cal and Marty get like this?
We animated their famous portraits with some cool British facial animation software. This is the first commercial game to use this technology. --And the effect is so fun your kids will want to do many more memory verses ~and improve their scores on those they've already played, just to see Cal and Marty looking around, wincing, whistling, blinking, and otherwise wise-cracking.


Cal & Marty's Memory Game



A great memory game for use anytime by kids, youth, even adults.

A great game for Sunday School use after the Bible study.

Fun enough for fellowship time and really useful for confirmation classes.

This CD is also used in a lot of Vacation Bible Schools because they tend to emphasize daily memory verses.


Cal and Marty appear as talking portraits throughout the game encouraging students and talking about themselves. It's called "biovirtual". It's also kinda creepy because they follow your mouse when not talking. Fun!

Cal reminds you once more of the key features:

Verse Editor !!!  --type in your own verses, or better yet, let the kids do it. It is really easy. Cal & Marty comes with some famous verses already edited in, but you can change these if you like. You can type in single verses, or sets of verses to be part of a group. Students select individual verses from the group to work on. Cal & Marty's verse editor is really easy to use and versatile.

We did NOT put a bunch of ready-made verses on the CD. Only some. Why? Because we knew a lot of people would want their verses in a different translation than the ones we could have included. Plus...It's About the Editor!  Let the kids use helps them memorize, and the LIKE using it.

You can add comments to each verse --your own study notes/reflections pop-up after the verse is unscrambled. This is a "FIRST" for scripture memory game software. Cal thunk it up. This is a great idea for your students to do... it makes them think "what do I want to say about this verse?"

Quiz "Adder" !!! --add up to 3 multiple-choice quiz questions per verse which pop up after the unscrambling. This is yet another "FIRST" for scripture memory game software. Marty claims credit for this idea.

History --learn a little bit about who John Calvin and Martin Luther were from none other than Cal & Marty themselves. When asked, our heroes will also talk about What is the Reformation? and What is a Protestant?  Cal & Marty talk about important stuff, but they do it in a brief and eye-catching way. The 3-D animation of their facial features is really quite amazing.

STATS -see who has what scores for each verse. Cal and Marty keep track of everybody and encourage them to get even faster at unscrambling verses. Cal likes to sit in the Stats screen and heckle your students.


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