The Interactive Kids Bible Series CDs

Noah & the Ark,  Life of David, 
Adventures with Daniel
Life of Paul

Each CD has six different types of content areas to explore from the Main Menu (seen here)

When you first start the program, you see the Main Menu with it's SIX activity areas to choose from. EACH CD in the series has these same six areas:

  1. Main Story --an interactive storybook presentation with clickable funnies that highlights a story from the Bible hero's life (in our outline we call this the "Main" section).

  2. Bible Quiz Show  -one or two players with questions taken from the CD's content.

  3. Discover the Bible -narrated scripture with kid-friendly study notes, up to 20 chapters!

  4. Hall of Fame -illustrations and brief narration about episode in the hero's life.

  5. Fun & Games -including a scripture memory game with verses from the stories.

  6. Bible-time Theater -2 or 3 animated video clips depicting key episodes from the hero's story.


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Read our Brief Overview & Outline of Each CD's content
(below on this page)

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  • Bible Story centered
  • Fun to use
  • Ages 5 to 11
  • For older & new computers
  • Inexpensively priced

System: Windows 98/Me/XP/Vista/Windows 7. These CDs are a great example of an older program that is still good to teach with. See our extended Tech Notes below for additional details.

Ages 5-11. Most of us using the CD's in this series have found them suitable for ages 5-11. Some material in them, in particular the games, are a bit young. Age range tips are discussed in the General Lesson Tips for this series, printable from this website. (Note: if you own the original published version of these CDs, their age range was erroneously printed as "ages 3-8." This was corrected in the reprint.)

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MORE DETAILS of what's in each of the six sections on each CD

1. The Main Story Section:
Each CD in the series has an animated narrated story section which highlights a key story in the Bible Hero's life. Fun clicky-do's on the screen and multiple pages of cartoon graphics and narration that retell the story in a kid-friendly way. The main story animated pages are the kids favorite part other than the Fun & Game area.

The interactive pages of the "Main Story" section zero-in on one main story from the life of the Bible hero. In Life of Paul, for example, the Main Story zeroes-in on Paul's Road to Damascus conversion. The Discover the Bible section in Life of Paul, contains 20 illustrated, annotated, and narrated chapters from the Books of Acts. View the brief outline chart at the bottom of this webpage to see which stories the other CDs zero-in on.

2. Discover the Bible section:
Each CD has up to 20 chapters of read-aloud Bible verses in a kid-friendly version with pictures and study notes they can access.

Many of the Kids Life Application Study Notes are very discussion worthy, and often what a teacher points the lesson and software use toward. These are the same Kids Application Notes found in the popular print version of the Kids Life Application Bible.

Pictured right >> a graphic guide to features in the Discover the Bible section.

Our free outlines list all the verses included in the Discover the Bible section

3. Bible Time Theater:
Each CD in the series has two or three video clips about episodes in the Bible hero's story.
The clips come from the Bible Superbook Video Series and last two to three minutes each. In a lesson, these are often view/discussed after exploring the Main animated story.

Tech Note: in order for these clips to work, you must install version 2.1 of Quicktime FROM the CD. The clips won't work with newer versions of Quicktime. You can have multiple versions of QT on your computer without problem.


4) Bible Quiz Show (a quiz about all the content on the CD)

Hall of Fame (more about people in the story)

Fun  & Games (which includes a scripture memory game). 

The Bible Quiz Show is a multiple choice quiz for one or two players (or teams). Questions are drawn from the entire CD. The Hall of Fame in each CD contains short narrated illustrations about people in the stories. The Fun & Games section of each CD contains over 6 different games, including mazes and a scripture memory game. Some of the games are pretty simple, and the younger kids especially like them.

How much of the Bible hero's story is in each CD?

Each CD's multimedia content covers SELECT STORIES from the hero's life. The read-aloud scripture "Discover the Bible" section contains up to 20 narrated chapters of kid-friendly bible text, illustrations and study notes. See the individual outlines to know exactly what each CD covers.

How these CDs are often used by teachers:

Be sure to print and read our GENERAL INTERACTIVE KIDS CD TEACHING TIPS. Because each CD is laid out the same way, our general tips apply to all four.

In typical classroom use, teachers and students choose their way through the content -concentrating on the story elements they want to study. Because the student could "wander" many teachers will create WORKSHEET of questions that guides the student through the CD. You supply the questions and the direction.

You might start in the Main animated story, then watch a video clip in the Bible Time Theater, then pop over to the Discover the Bible section to hear read-aloud scripture and click open a Bible Study Note to discuss. The notes come from the Kids Life Application Bible and our outline for each CD lists the notes.

After completing the worksheet, the class will often convene for discussion, --hearing what each student wrote down in answer to questions. Then the kids would be given the option to go back in the program to complete a game or memory verse. Or they might go into the Bible Quiz Show. It's your choice.

See the free Outlines of the CDs and the free General Teaching Tips for these CD for more classroom suggestions.


Outlines of each of the four CDs... 

"Main" refers to the content found in the main animated "living book-style" story section on each CD.
"Theater" refers to the video clips found in the Theater section.

Life of David CD  in brief:               view the full David outline here
--Main: David and Goliath
--Theater: Goliath, Saul Spares David, Anointing
--Nearly 20 read-aloud chapters from 2 Sam and I Kings

Life of Paul CD in brief:               view the full Paul outline here
--Main: Saul's Conversion on the Road
--Theater: Saul's Conversion, Paul heals a Lame Man, Paul is shipwrecked.
--20 read-aloud chapters from the Book of ACTS with illustrations and some study notes

Noah and the Ark in brief:               view the full Noah outline here
--Main: the Story of the Flood
--Theater: 3 Clips telling the story
--This CD deftly handles the issue of God wiping the earth clean.
--Also includes the story of Noah in read-aloud chapter format, with study notes.

Adventures with Daniel in brief:               view the full Daniel outline here
--Main: Lion's Den
--Theater: 2 clips...King Darius outlaws prayer to God, Lion's Den
--Nearly 20 read-aloud chapters from Book of Daniel, with study notes


Other related resources:
General Lesson Tips for entire series
The General Tips include lesson suggestions and program helps applicable to all the CDs in the series.

View Video Demo of the Life of David CD

View and Print Two Lesson Plans from my own computer lab. One on Daniel, another on Paul. These lessons are tucked at the bottom of a webpage that includes free lessons from my 2000 Summer Sunday School. 

Important Tech Notes:

In XP you 'may' have to tweak the computer's virtual memory setting to run these CDs. Depends on how much ram you have. This is a memory glitch in XP when it runs some older program, but it's easy to fix. View the README file on the CD, and the Documents folder on the CD for details. Or consult our support page for details (this memory glitch was fixed in Vista and doesn't affect Win Me or Win 98).

The program will display in 640x480 window so set your Display settings as close to that as possible (like 800x600) for the program to appear larger on the screen. In XP and Vista you can also RIGHT click the program's startup icon, select Properties | Compatibility and then select "run in 640x480 mode."  This will switch your resolution to 640x480 each time you run the program and make this program's graphics appear full screen.

You MUST remember to install Quicktime version 2.1 from the CD in order to run the Bible Time Theater video clips in these CDs. (They wont' work with newer versions of Quicktime and not to worry... you can have multiple versions of Quicktime on your system.)  If the 'theater curtains' just open and close, it means you didn't install Quicktime 2.1 from the CD.

Most of our customers already have Quicktime 2.1 installed on their system from one of our other programs. However, if you don't, and the Bible Time Theater videos don't play, 'explore' your way to the files on the CD and look for the qt32.exe quicktime installation program.

When installing Quicktime 2.1 on Windows 7 or Vista, when the installer asks if you want to 'search' for other versions of Quicktime, select NO or SKIP. If you select 'yes' the installation will hang.

In Windows 7, depending on your setup/permissions, you may need to RIGHT CLICK the qt32 file and select RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR to execute the installation.

If you get a "disk full" error message in XP, remember to log in using your XP administrator log in and not a limited user account.

We remind your teachers of these tech notes in the printable General Teaching Tips and the Outlines for each of these CDs.

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