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The technical notes on this page may also help you run the Full Version of Let's Talk.

Let's Talk Technical Requirements:  Windows 98/Me/XP 500mhz, 96mb Ram, 8 mb videoram or higher.
Plus: the installation of one of two files that comprise the Microsoft Speech application 

Very Important -- Read this page before running the Trial Version:

Let's Talk utilizes the Microsoft Speech application. It has two parts. You may need to download both. Depending on WHICH operating system you have, and which 'speech' components are enabled, you may need to install BOTH or just one of these files. The first file is the Speech Engine itself that contains the voices. It is called Sapi 4.0.  The second file is called spchapi.exe  ("api" meaning "application"). It tells the speech engine how to run with certain applications such as Let's Talk.

Depending on your operating system version and depending on whether or not you have the speech application 'enabled' you may need to install one or both of these files in order for Let's Talk to run. (If you have previously installed the popular Kid Pix 3 CD to your computer (as many of our customers likely have) Let's Talk Trial 'should' run just fine because it uses the same text-to-speech application found in Kid Pix 3. If it doesn't run fine, follow the procedure below.

Print these instructions

1)  You should first just download "trial.zip -- the Free Trial Version of Let's Talk (5mb). Once you download trial.zip, double click it to unzip/uncompress the installation file to your desktop. Now double click the installer you have just unzipped. It will begin installing the Trial version. It will put a startup icon on your desktop. After installation, start the program by double clicking the the Let's Talk Trial version startup icon. When you get to the main menu, if you can hear the computer talking and not get any error messages, then you're good to go!

If after downloading the trial version, installing and running it... you get an error message or can't hear the computer-guy talking when you roll over the menu selections, go to steps 2, 3, and 4 below...

2)  Download Sapi 4.0 here (5mb). Save and Unzip it on your desktop, then double click it to begin installation.

3)  Download spchapi here (800kb). Save and Unzip it on your desktop, then double click it to begin installation.

4)  Reboot your computer so that your registry knows the speech applications are there.

Then... double click the Let's Talk Trial icon on your desktop to start the program!

**If this doesn't solve your problem, go to www.sundaysoftware.com/lets-talk/support for another solution.

Why are the install files "zipped"?  We have "zipped" the download files because some people's security measures don't allow them to download an executable ".exe" file straight from a website.

Is Let's Talk so complicated?  No, not at all. Let's Talk is easy enough for kids to use it. The thing is...Let's Talk uses a powerful but rarely used part of the Windows operating system --the speech application.

IF you have XP, and have never used Kid Pix 3 on the computer, you probably need to install both of these Microsoft speech applications to get the Trial to run. Sapi 4.0 and Spchapi (The reason: XP comes only with Sapi 5 which is not backwards compatible to 4.0. Sapi 4.0 is a much more widely used speech application).

IF you have Windows 98 or Me, and IF Sapi 4.0 was installed and enabled during installation of the operating system, Let's Talk should run just fine. If however, 98/Me didn't have all their optional components installed, you may need to install BOTH the Sapi 4.0 program and the spchapi program. (The Microsoft speech engine was considered an optional part of the installation and some users/installers didn't install it to save space on their harddrive back in the day when harddrives were small).

The Trial Version has several features "disabled."  You can't select more than one character or voice. You can't create a lesson, but you can play two included lessons. Questions? Email neil@sundaysoftware.com

Print these instructions

**If this doesn't solve your problem, go to www.sundaysoftware.com/lets-talk/support for another solution.


Learn about Let's Talk...

Teachers and Students Create
Talking Lessons
Talking Verses
Talking Quizzes
Talking Reflections
Talking Responses to your questions,
and "Instant Message" each other (at the computer)
about your lesson content
using your computer's ability to speak aloud !

Welcome to Let's Talk -a brand new type of software for Sunday School, fellowship groups, Bible study and Confirmation ...from your friends here at Sunday Software.

WHAT is Let's Talk ?
Let's Talk
uses your computer's ability to speak aloud whatever you or your students type. Let's Talk lets teachers easily construct talking lessons that provide Introductory comments, talking scripture, and talking quizzes. After creating them, you can then save them for later or immediate use.

Onscreen your kids will get a fun interface of your content, and animated characters which speak your words. Then your students will create responses to your questions/discussion using their own onscreen characters.

Let's Talk  has four modules:   
 1. Talk Now   -for quick responses to teacher's questions
2. Conversation Now    -for quick student conversations
3. Select a Lesson   -to access previously built lessons
 4. Create a Lesson   -to create talking lessons

1. Talk Now...
Create an onscreen character and type text for him or her (or it) to say aloud. Lesson Use: The teacher can pose a question to the class and have each student create a spoken response for the whole class to hear (and discuss further).

2. Conversation Now...
Two characters appear on screen which two or more students type "instant messages" for to carry on a conversation. USE: The teacher might ask two students at the computer to share their favorite part of the story, or ask each other about how they might have acted in the Bible story. "What would you have done," etc.

3. Select a Lesson... 
Student select lesson presentation which either the teacher or another student has created. See "Create a Lesson" below for more details.

4. Create a New Lesson...
Let's Talk features an extremely easy to use lesson editor to create basic talking presentations for either immediate or later use.

Here's how easy it is to create a talking lesson in Let's Talk:

1. Pick a teacher character, voice style and background picture for your lesson.

2. Create a title that gets spoken aloud.

3. Create Introductory remarks.

4. Type Bible verses or story content that talks aloud when played.

5. Add a 3 question quiz that talks aloud.

6. Add 3 questions which your students create spoken responses to using an animated character.

  Teachers can easily copy lessons to other computers using a diskette (where Let's Talk is installed).

  Students can make talking lessons for each other.


Ways to use Let'sTalk...

Let's Talk can be used all by itself as your lesson software. It's about whatever you make it. It does come with two sample lessons: Mary & Martha, and Psalm 8.

You could create a Let's Talk presentation on part of a Bible story, then have your students create their own presentations in the Lesson Builder. Or you could use Let's Talk to follow up your Bible study with a round of questions which they answer at the computer using the Talk Now module.

Or you could study a story, then use Conversation Now to have students 'instant message' through Conversation Now to role play various points of view or characters in the story.

Conversation Now is also a good way to get students practicing discussing the life application of the lesson. After students "Select a Lesson" and hear your content, they can hold a mock-conversation with someone who's never heard the story.  Let's Talk gets them practicing sharing their faith and knowledge in a format that's interesting to them --instant messaging (and it doesn't require an internet or network hookup, it happens all on the one screen). 

But... I originally came up with the idea as a way to FOLLOW UP the use of other good software which was short on multimedia content to interact with. Thus, Let's Talk extends your students' time spent at the computer.

Take Life of Christ CD for example. If you're like most of us, you cherry-pick maybe 10 minutes worth of content out of this excellent CD. But then what?  Let's Talk to the rescue!  Follow up a Life of Christ CD presentation with Talk Now module. Pose a series of life application questions about the lesson and have each of your computers speak back your student's answers.

Other programs I would use Let's Talk with would include Sandals Bible Atlas, Ilumina Bible, Bibleland.com, and as a precursor to quiz programs like Fall of Jericho.

For learning to become TRANSFORMATIONAL, discussion and reflection needs to occur. But DISCUSSION is often the hardest thing for volunteer teachers to get going. 

Let's Talk is a discussion, response, and reflection tool.

It encourages students to express themselves aloud through the computer who otherwise might be quiet.

It makes sharing fun.

Let's Talk  is a CARROT on a STICK.


(The screenshot right/above is from the Lesson Builder template you fill out.)

View more SCREENSHOTS from Let's Talk

Order Let's Talk Now Online
Single copy price is $22.00
2 to 4 copies are $17.00 each
A Site License copy for 5-10 PCs is $75
for 11-20 PCs the site license is $95
(Look for it about half way down our order form in the quizzes section.)

You'll notice we've really kept the price down on this program. The site license cost is our lowest ever. I'm excited by this new type of program and know it will be very useful to you.

Owners of version 1.0 who complete the feedback form sent with the CD will receive a FREE Upgrade of the program when we update Let's Talk . Notice I said "when".  We always improve our first editions, but with Let's Talk  we will be aggressively soliciting customer feedback to improve the program with your ideas. It's a new kind of program -and we want you to be comfortable signing on with us. Look for our feedback form shipping with the program.

System Minimum:
Windows 98se, ME, XP
300mhz, 64mb Ram, 6 mb videoram minimum. Will run faster on better computers.

Age Range is 5 to 80.
Non-readers can use this program because it can speak to them, and you can help them type their responses.

Students design their own onscreen character who does the talking.
Teachers and students select from a range of onscreen teachers and voices to speak their lessons.

See more SCREENSHOTS of Let's Talk

The first time as a teacher that I heard a computer talk, I knew we had a tiger by the tail. The kids loved it. Since the early 90's I have been bringing programs into my computer lab which could TALK BACK to the kids. This is possible because of a built-in feature of both Windows and Mac PCs called "text to speech synthesis."  Whatever you type, the computer can say aloud.

Sometimes I wrote the scripts and let the computer tell the kids something I wanted to share with them. Way back in the early Soundblaster soundcard days there was a Talking Parrot I used quite effectively. Then creative writing programs such as Kidworks, Writing Blaster and now Kid Pix began incorporating "text to speech" capabilities in their drawing tools. The "Talking Bible Story Book" was born.

We've incorporated text-to-speech activities in Fluffy & God's Amazing Christmas Adventure CD, and experimented with "reflection construction" that speaks aloud in Awesome Bible Stories. Let's Talk is an evolutionary next step.

Questions?  Email me.  <>< Neil MacQueen, Sunday Software

Order Let's Talk Now Online
Single copy price is $22.00
2 to 4 copies are $17.00 each
A Site License copy for 5-10 PCs is $75
for 11-20 PCs the site license is $95