Psalm 23 Computer Worksheet

from Jane Henderson, Chalmers United Church, Kintore, Ontario (with additions from Neil MacQueen).

Neil Note: This worksheet is to be used with the CD-ROM. This program is now out of print, but many of our customers own it. So I maintain this page here.

UPDATE: CD is no longer available. We recommend using Cal & Marty's Scripture Memory Game CD to learn Psalm 23. And illustrating it with Kid Pix.

Using the program search and locate King David's page. Explore his webpage and answer the following questions:


•What did David do as a young boy before he was King?

•What is he most famous for?

What qualities in David did God see that made God want to crown David as the King?

•What were his interests?

•Record two more interesting facts about David:


Continue exploring and answer the following:

What is a Psalm?

Where are Psalms found in the bible? New or Old Testament?

What is one of the most famous Psalms in the bible?

What books of the bible are found before Psalms?__________After Psalms?________

Who is believed to have written Psalm 23?


What does Psalm 23 tell you about the writer's relationship with God? (be prepared to discuss your answer)

What's your favorite verse in Psalm 23?

What idea is in this verse that makes it your favorite? (be prepared to discuss your answer)

Which verse speaks the most to where you are in your life right now? (which one helps you the most, gives you advice you need to hear?)

The least?



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Other CD-ROMS that can be used to teach Psalm 23 and about David:

Cal & Marty's Scripture Memory Game CD Have the kids type the Psalm into the game editor and Cal & Marty  will scramble the words. Kids put back in order to beat the clock. Add comments and quiz questions to each verse.

Pathways Through Jerusalem: King David's Tour is outstanding. The "Introduction" section would make an excellent & entertaining introduction to who King David. the first part of the "Second Temple" section is also very worth seeing. Select "yes" when he asks if you "want to see why I could not build the Temple." It will tell you the story about his beginnings as a shepherd and the story of Bathsheba.

Note: Life of David from the Kids Interactive Bible series doesn't contain anything on Psalm 23. It does cover his early life very well, however, including Goliath and Anointing by Samuel.

Kid Pix:

Have the kids pick another animal and rewrite the Psalm using similar meanings but different images. For example, instead of writing from the point of view of a sheep, write from the point of view of a "Sloth" or Elephant" or "school student" Example: "The Lord is my teacher, I shall not lack wisdom..."  "The Lord is the leader of my Herd, I don't have to worry about lions."

Want to view a complete curriculum on Psalm 23 that's free? I wrote it for my church and posted it at Click here to view it. <><Neil