Christian Computer Games

Since 1996, Sunday Software has been finding and/or making great Christian computer games. We believe games should teach the Bible, and also not contain violence. Below is a quick list of some of our favorite titles.

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Attack of the Sunday School Zombies

A 3-D Christian computer game about the importance of going to church and worshiping with the right attitude.

Joseph's Story CD

Bongo Loves the Bible CD
from Sunday Software

A suite of 4 adventure-style 3-D Bible game "about the Bible"
packed with content and lots of fun.

Galilee Flyer CD
from Sunday Software

A fun 3-D flying game about four important Jesus teachings.
It's a hit with the church and home crowd.

Exodus Adventures CD
from Sunday Software

Explore the Exodus terrain and story on the ground and through the air in this
modern 3-D style first-person Bible story game.
Three lesson games covering the Exodus story from Egypt to the Promised Land.

Interactive Parables

a  parables quiz adventure through 3-Dgame mazes

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