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This page is a sub-menu of our main listing of Christian software. The first couple of Christian Bible Game CDs on the list below are filled with Bible content but were built with 3D game engines, so they look and play like games -even though they are easily used in lessons as well. Please note: Many of our Bible story CDs on our main software listing have fun games built-in to them.

The following Christian computer games run great in XP and Vista, and most are suitable, for ages 9 to teen. See each program's details page for more info.


We do NOT carry Christian computer software games  that feature sinister themes, scary theology, or violence (selecting weapons to battle demons, monsters and soldiers, killing people etc)

We also don't carry some of the  poorly made programs we've found out here. You can see a list of what we don't carry and 'why' at

Then there are programs like the Veggie Tale software games which are nothing more than computer games with Veggie characters drawn into them. Nothing particularly 'Christian' about them.

We do NOT discriminate against older titles. Some of the older games are a lot of fun.

We carry games from many different developers, in addition to our own software.

We will choose between the better of two similar programs, rather than carry everything under the sun.

For a list of the Christian computer games we do not recommend, visit our NO Shelf webpage.

See our complete list of Christian Bible story, Bible study, and Christian computer game software.

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Attack of the Sunday School Zombies

A 3-D Christian computer game about the importance of going to church and worshiping with the right attitude.

Joseph's Story CD

Timothy & Titus

a fun 3-D style adventure Bible game through the world of the early church

Bongo Loves the Bible CD
from Sunday Software

A suite of 4 adventure-style 3-D Bible game "about the Bible"
packed with content and lots of fun.


Galilee Flyer CD
from Sunday Software

A fun 3-D flying game about four important Jesus teachings.
It's a hit with the church and home crowd.

Exodus Adventures CD
from Sunday Software

Explore the Exodus terrain and story on the ground and through the air in this
modern 3-D style first-person Bible story game.
Three lesson games covering the Exodus story from Egypt to the Promised Land.

Interactive Parables

a  parables quiz adventure through 3-Dgame mazes

Bible Grand Slam Version 3.0
a Bible Baseball quiz game, with a question editor. Updated version

Fall of Jericho
A 3-D Bible Quiz Game for up to 4 teams/individuals.
Comes with huge set of Bible Trivia, PLUS a Question Editor
so you can make your own Q sets. Very popular.

Bible CrossWords and Wordsearch
Make your own, or play the set that comes with the program.
The only one of its kind that you can create-your-own, and play onscreen or print out.

Play & Learn Children's Bible CD

50 short animated stories for preschoolers and early-readers with a Game Room of activities attached.

Charlie Church Mouse

Bible Story CDs for younger children with games tucked into them.

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