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On this page I've cross-referenced of all our software to the Bible stories they teach. I've also included lesson ideas and software recommendations for popular TOPICS, such as, "worship" and "mission". More lesson notes can be found with each referenced program's Teaching Tips. I've also linked to some lesson ideas I've posted here at our site and elsewhere.  * The red asterisk means the title is out of print. We still reference it here for our customers who still own it.

Stories/Topics That Have Their Own Pages: Advent, Holy Week/Resurrection, and Pentecost have their own web pages. I also have a "What's New" page which lists my new & updated resources in chronological order.

Rotation Churches click here if you are you using Cokesbury's PowerXpress, Augsburg's Sparks, PCUSA "We Believe," Potter's Workshops, or Cornerstones Rotation curriculum.

Read: What to do when you don't see your story on this list or it's apparently not found in software.

The New Testament Software Cross Reference   

The Gospels

Birth of Jesus Stories: See my extensive Advent & Christmas Software Page here at this website.

Jesus in the Temple (Luke 2:21-52)

The Baptism of Jesus (Matthew 3:13-17, Luke 3, John 1)
The Temptation of Jesus in the Wilderness (John 1:15-34) (Matthew 4:1-11)

  • Jesus in Space CD covers the Baptism of Jesus.
  • Life of Christ: Lessons #10, #11, #12 ...Baptism, 'Lamb of God,' Temptations.
  • See my "Tempations" lesson idea for Let's Talk CD. This would be a good follow-up to using Life of Christ CD.
  • Disciple's Diary: Narration: All about John the Baptist and Jesus' Temptation in the Wildnerness Videos: Don't miss Jordan River flyover, Essene Temple, Judean Wilderness, and Qumran. See note about controlling 3-D motion above.
  • Imagine new temptation dialog and have the kids recreate it (or you recreate it for them) to be spoken aloud through Let's Talk CD.
  • Ilumina Bible  * DVD has animated video on this
  • Walk in the Footsteps: * Photobubble and narration of baptismal site. Wonderful photobubble and narration of Wilderness temptation area.  (out of print but we still have the outline)
  • Walking in Their Sandals covers both with maps and photos.
  • Play and Learn

Wedding at Cana (John 2:1-11)

  • Life of Christ: Lesson #13
  • Disciple's Diary: Step 3 * --Narration: Cana and Miracles. Jesus in Nazareth (Luke 4), Outward and Inward Change. Videos: Cana, Nain, and Nazareth are not to be missed.
  • Heard a great lesson idea: use this story as an opportunity to talk about "what marriage is" (being that Jesus was there to celebrate one, and most of the kids see a marriage upclose everyday.) Illustrate with Kid Pix? Talk about with Let's Talk CD.

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Jesus Chooses his Disciples (Luke 5:1-11)

  • What would a Call to Discipleship "sound like" today? Have students speak this aloud using Let's Talk CD.  What would the Call sound like to steelworkers? A waiter? A businesswoman? A nurse? etc.
  • Play and Learn Children's Bible CD
  • Life of Christ: Lesson #16.
  • Disciples Diary: Step 4 in the Disciple's Archive has a bit on this.
  • I have POSTED my own lesson plan for Call of the Disciples using Life of Christ and Let's Talk. Go to

  • Take Kid Pix and create different "scenes" calling Carpenters, calling ballplayers, calling kids, calling pirates. Because Kid Pix 3 can speak back whatever they type, you can come up with some very unique "calls." Can also use Let's Talk CD to do this (though without the illustrations).

About Various Apostles/Disciples

  • CD: * view the list of characters in this program which includes many disciples
  • Life of Christ has material about some of the Disciples.
  • Life and Ministry of Jesus: * Several good study notes about individual disciples, including Doubting Thomas. Look also in 'People Jesus Knew' exhibit. (CD now out of print)
  • Use Bible Crosswords and Word Games CD to create crosswords and word searches about info about the Disciples and their names. Use Fall of Jericho quiz game to create a 25-30 question quiz game about the Disciples.
  • See my Let's Talk CD lesson's page for several ideas about creating dialog/storylines for the disciples.

Samaritan Woman at the Well (John 4:4-42)

  • Life of Christ: Lesson #14
  • Life and Ministry of Jesus CD: * Interesting Chart in Study Notes about how Jesus treated women. Samaritan Woman is also in 'People Jesus Knew' exhibit.
  • Let's Talk CD See my lesson plan sketch here. Note:  What if that had been a teenager or child at the well? What if that person at the well had been a bully, or a kid who had made bad choices and hung out with bad people? What if that had been an alcoholic or a teacher, or a leader in your church? What excuses would you give? And how would Jesus respond? Use Let's Talk for this type of reflection activity after you've seen lesson 14 in Life of Christ CD.
  • Good Sam the Samaritan --interactive "Good Sam Land Map" deals with the issue of Jews vs Samaritans. Narrated notes and questions included in it as well as a mention of the Samaritan woman.

Nicodemus (John 3)

2 things to do when you don't see your story referenced here in software:

1. Contact or Live Chat him. There is always another way.

2. Use my handy software decision matrix:

a) Is there a good memory verse? Then consider using Cal & Marty Scripture Memory Game CD

b) Is there an exceptional visual image to work with? Then consider using Kid Pix.

Is there dialog to work with or could be imagined as if the writer had left it out? Use Let's Talk CD.

d) Is the long passage in need of condensing by the students to its keywords words? Let's Talk.

Does the passage or concept have a lot of quizzable details and words? Quiz software or Crosswords or Wordsearch


Widow's Mite

  • Play & Learn Children's Bible CD
  • Use Lets Talk CD to recreate/re-imagine some of the dialog, scoffers, supporters of the Widow. Create dialog, program in response questions into Let's Talk to ask "what groups of people could be included among 'the Widows' today."  "What mites can people give today that are worth a lot to God?"

Jesus Preaches in Nazareth (Luke 4:14-30)

Sermon on the Mount/Beatitudes (Matthew chapters 5-7)

  • Galilee Flyer --students fly across Galilee picking up and matching verses from the Beatitudes (or if selected: sayings from the Sermon on the Mount, including- salt, light, seek first). Pop-up windows explain their meaning.
  • Life of Christ: Lesson # 40 about the sermon
  • Life and Ministry of Jesus: excellent study note on the Beatitudes.
  • Footsteps of Jesus: * Photobubble of what the Mount looks like. (CD now out of print)
  • Disciple's Diary: Step 4...Narration: Jesus moves to the seashore. The Disciples tells how he became a disciple. Sermon on the Mount, How Jesus taught, Who is welcome in the Kingdom. Videos: Beatitudes, Capernaum I ruins (this CD is out of print)
  • Walking in Their Sandals Bible atlas has some excellent maps, a video lesson shot on location and articles about the Mount (this video is also included in Galilee Flyer CD). Holyland 3-D CD *  can also allow you to fly-in to the area. Photos as well. Cool stuff.

Lord's Prayer

Lessons on Prayer & Praying...  

The Man let down through the Roof (Mark 2:1-12) (aka "Healing of the Paralytic")

Jesus Calms the Storm   (depending on which Gospel you're reading, this story may be combined with Jesus & Peter walking on water.)

Jesus Walks on Water, Peter Walks on Water

Feeding of the 5000 (John 6:1-14)

  • Five Loaves ~ Two Fishes CD!  New from Sunday Software, includes Neil's four week lesson set using video, software, skits and games to teach this important story.
  • Life of Christ: Lesson # 19
  • Life and Ministry of Jesus (CD now out of print) *Main animated story (good), Video Clip and study note. It's very common to use both Life of Christ and Life of Jesus together for this lesson.
  • Play and Learn
  • Charlie Church Mouse #1 for non-readers
  • Sandals Bible Atlas, view of the Professor on location.

Mary and Martha

  • Play and Learn
  • Use Let's Talk CD to imagine the dialog in the house before and after Jesus was there. There are two sides to this story! Mary and Martha is one of the example lessons in Let's Talk.
  • Life and Ministry of Jesus: *Jesus Knew exhibit
  • Disciple's Diary: Videos: One room typical house 3-D walk through, Bethany video, home of Lazarus/Mary/Martha
  • *
  • Footsteps of Jesus *-Bethany House View and print my Mary-Martha lesson plan that uses and Footsteps. (CD now out of print)

Zaccheus, Lazarus

Healing of Blind Bartimaeus
  • Disciple's Diary*
  • Use Let's Talk CD to imagine/recreate the dialog in the crowd. What were all the different reactions to this miracle from the bystanders?
  • iLumina Bible* has a short animation on the "healing of the blind man." 

Transfiguration of Jesus (Luke 9: 28-36)

  • Life of Christ: Lesson # 21
  • Disciple's Diary: *Narration: Peter declares Jesus the Messiah, Transfiguration
    Videos: Mt. Tabor video of Transfiguration, Caesarea Philippi declaration of "you are the Christ."
  • Walking in Their Sandals Bible atlas has wonderful video lesson, maps and very insightful article on this subject. The teacher in the video is standing on the Mt. and explains the significance of the story.

* The red asterisk means the title is out of print. We still reference it here for our customers who still own it.

Judging Others (various stories)

  • Life of Christ: Lesson # 22 ..Woman Caught in Adultery. Who will throw the first stone?
  • Life and Ministry of Jesus: *Two good study notes: Sticky Situations... forgiving your debtors, a story about Chris. Heroes and Villains: James (Jesus' brother), Judging others. (CD now out of print)

Jesus Blesses the Children (Mark 10:13-16)

  • Life of Christ: Lesson # 23
  • Use Let's Talk CD to imagine some dialog. How do people "hinder" the little children?
  • Play and Learn
  • As a follow up reflection, use Let's Talk to give voice to "things people say that hinder you, or hinder others." Also...have your onscreen animated character reflect out loud "words that would encourage young people to seek Jesus."

Rich Young Ruler (Mark 10:17-27)

Lost Sheep/Coin

  • Play and Learn (sheep) for non-readers
  • Charlie Church Mouse (coin) for non-readers
  • Rewrite and illustrate the story in Kid Pix 3 using different imagery than sheep/shepherd. How would you tell it in our day?
  • Create a "Where's Waldo" -like sheep puzzle in Kid Pix. Create a sheep maze.
  • Our Prodigal Son CD is the quintessential "lost" parable.

Kingdom of God - Short parables of Leaven / Mustard Seed / Pearl / Treasure

Parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10)

Parable of the Prodigal Son

Parable of Sower

    • Walking in Their Sandals Bible atlas...."Sower's Cove" video lesson and map
    • As a follow up reflection, use Let's Talk to create an animated onscreen character who re-invents the parable using other imagery, or who asks question to your student about "things in their life that work against their Faith/Word growing." They can respond through the character too.
    • Interactive Parables CD has a game about it.

Parable of the Talents (the servant who buries his master's money), Stewardship

Parable of the Thankful Leper (Ten Lepers)

  • Not specifically found in any Jesus software. Use Let's Talk CD to create a talking version of the story set in modern situation. Create dialog that imagines & speaks dialog between the 9 lepers and the 1 who decides to return. Imagine dialog between the lepers and the priests concerning who Jesus is, how he had the power, etc. Could also use KidPix to create a project.

Parable of Workers in the Vineyard

  • a perfect story for Let’s Talk  There’s so much GRUMBLING in this story which goes unspoken. And it's a story about "fairness"  which older children are concerned about. "Does God play favorites?" Kids can give voice to it. You could create a talking lesson with a quiz and discussion questions for the story. Then afterwards, you can have the kids turn on the “Talk Now” module and create answers your questions. How does the church "play favorites" ...or not? Are kids treated as non-members? etc etc.  How do you treat new kids in the class? How do you help others in the class that may not know as much as you about these stories?

Other Parables -- Interactive Parables CD has 24 quizzes about 24 parables. But note:This is a 3d game CD for older students that can take over 35 minutes to play per story.

"Who do men say that I am?" ...and... "On this rock I will build my church"

The Great COMMANDMENT, Matthew 22:36-40

  • If ever there was a verse that kids should memorize, the Great Commandment is it. Use Cal & Marty's Scripture Memory Game after you've done some discussion about Loving God, Loving Others. See my lesson example for the Great C on the bottom of the Cal & Marty description page. The Great Commandment is also 'seen' along the trail up Mt. Sinai in the Ten Commandments CD.  Note: the word "Great" is the word "Mega" in the Greek, which can also be translated as "large, loud, awesome." Quite a visual word if you were going to illustrate it in Kid Pix.

Jesus the Good Shepherd - John 10

  • Use Kid Pix to illustrate "I am the gate"  How is Jesus like "a gate" ...what is he standing/laying between?   I would also suggest you teach the story of the Shepherd who goes out to find the one lost sheep. Two halves of the same important concept.

Jesus Appears saying Peace Be With You -- John 20

  • Use Let's Talk CD to rephrase Jesus' greeting and invitation to be touched.

Woman/Mary with Jar of Perfume (Matthew 26:6-13)

Holy Week/Cross/Resurrection --

Visit my special webpage for software and lesson ideas for Holy Week

Need help coming up with a software lesson idea?
Email Neil

THE GREAT COMMISSION --"Go ...make disciples...teaching them..." 

Misc Jesus/Christian Topics on the Actual Reality CD --

  • Who is Christ? ...found in the cityscape section. (Life of Christ CD also has content on this.)
  • Love Your Neighbor, Sharing your faith with Jesus -found in newspaper section of Actual Reality
  • Video statements from the Thief on the Cross, Nicodemus, Rich Young Ruler, Pharisee.
  • RACE, Prejudice, Self Esteem, Practicing your Faith.
    Link to Actual Reality Outline at

Teaching about Mission... use our Elijah & Jonah CD 

  • Elijah & the Widow of Zarephath = God's message & prophet goes beyond the boundaries to change a non-believer, an "outsider".
  • Jonah = his reluctant mission to the Ninevites. God's compassion and priorities.

Misc Bible and Christian Topics

  • Worship  --see my suggestions for teaching about Worship with software
    Attack of the Sunday School Zombies CD  --about the right reasons and attitude to bring to church and coming to worship.
  • Prayer --see my software and lesson suggestions for teaching About Prayer and the Lord's Prayer.
  • Kingdom of God many of Jesus' parables and teachings are about the Kingdom of God/Heaven. I've created four different Kingdom of God computer lab lesson plans and included video suggestions and drama/skits.
  • Tribes of Israel, Jewish Traditions --use Quiz software such as Bible Grand Slam and Fall of Jericho CDs, or Bible CrossWords and WordSearch CDs to create quizzes and puzzles about the tribes, locations, vocabulary of the traditions, Holy Days, etc -related to the subject. Kids can create based on some discussion and reading, or teachers can create for the kids. Play on the computer or print out. Pathways Through Jerusalem CD's "Tammar" tour guide of Jewish history. Some interesting things there too. Jewish Traditions,

Teaching stories that have a lot of dialog, new vocabulary, long story lines, info:

  • Use Quiz Software, Bible Crosswords & Word Games Software
  • Let's Talk CD ...the program that let's you or your students create a lesson & quiz or dialog which the computer can speak out loud. It's particularly great for working in verses and stories where there is dialog and you want the kids to "re-script" the dialog in a new way (such as "in their own words" or "what were the people thinking to themselves during the story?" See our numerous lesson sketches that illustrate how to use Let's Talk, including "How Few Can You Do" --the long passage condensing game.

Why come to church?


  • Life of Paul (Interactive Kids Series)  See my two printable lesson plans/student handouts for this CD linked at
  • Stephen is briefly mentioned in Life of Paul CD. Use Let’s Talk to give voice to ~ recreate Stephen’s amazing speech. “What is it about the Gospel that made the religious leaders so mad?”

  • Charlie Church Mouse #2 has Paul's Journey to Rome

  • Paul in the Philippi Jail: Use the "Conversation Now" mode in Let's Talk to create onscreen characters (Paul and the Jailer) who create the dialog between Paul and the Jailer after the earthquake.

  • There are some Paul journey maps and NT books charts/quizzes tucked away in Life of Christ CD.

  • See several good Paul lesson suggestions at the END of our Pentecost page

...on the Road to Damascus:

If you don't have Life of Paul CD, consider these options:
1. Younger kids illustrate the "blinding light" and "something like fish scales" in Kid Pix.  Such dramatic visuals!
2. Older kids use Let's Talk CD to speak on behalf of Paul's traveling companions. How do you know it was really Jesus? It's a trick!  The underlying question being "how would people around you react to your confession/salvation, change of heart?" What would they say to you, and you to them?  What did the man at the house think when Saul was brought to him? What questions did he have? What might he been afraid of?  What must have been going through Saul's heart? What in YOUR LIFE is "like fish scales" covering up your God-sight?  Assign computers/students to work on a variety of questions surrounding this amazing event.

....CORNELIUS and Paul

Imagine how the guy had to EXPLAIN himself to others. He's superiors, his men in the barracks. Imagine him explaining to his "household" why he wanted them baptized. and...What would some of his peers (unbelievers) have said to him about wanting to be baptized? Cornelius has a lot of explaining he must do.

Possible Computer lab software/ideas:

1. Create a set of new scripture verses where Cornelius explains himself. Try to create one verse as a "Memory Verse". Edit this new memory verse into Cal & Marty's Scripture Memory Game CD.

2. Use Kid Pix  to draw the faces of all the people Cornelius had to answer to. Add text (which Kid Pix can speak out loud) of their protestations against Cornelius (put-downs about baptism or his new faith).

3. Use Let's Talk CD to retell the story from CORNELIUS' point of view. Create an animated character in that program to be Cornelius and write him dialog which the computer program will have him speak out loud. This can be done simply enough in the "Talk Now" module, or more elaborately in the "Lesson Builder" module complete with 3 spoken Quiz questions and 3 spoken questions for discussion.


Memorable Bible verses lend themselves to being learned in Cal & Marty's Scripture Memory Game CD. If they have visuals to them, such as the Fruits of the Spirit listed below, or "Body of Christ," they can be drawn in Kid Pix, If they have debate/arguments in them, as many of Paul's letters do, they can be rephrased/debated in Let's Talk CD. If they have a strong VISUAL component, such as the "Armor of God" they are a natural for Kid Pix, but I would also treat the "armor" verses as a memory verse as well and include the scripture memory CD in the lesson as well. It depends on the verse!

Galatians 5: Fruits of the Spirit...  This is a fun idea which is similar idea to our Pentecost with Pirates idea) Make the fruits teach their meaning in fruit language. Use Kid Pix to draw the fruit. Draw talk bubble above the fruit, then use the talking text tool to add explanation as if the fruit is explaining itself. Example: The banana said gentleness was very "appealing" ...the grapes said _____ was juicy because... etc. Helping the kids pick the IDEAL fruit to each of the "fruits" in the passage and then making it express itself in its own fruit vocabulary is an exercise in understanding and interpreting.

Philippians 2:5-11  "Let the same mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus..."   I have a wonderful memory verse and "How Low Can You Go? computer game idea outlined at

Timothy & Titus CD --while mostly a challenging 3d game starring these two Bible heroes, the storyline does illuminate their participation and the challenges in spreading the Gospel in the Early Church. Takes over an hour to complete.

Other New Testament Letters

James, Colossians, Philippians...  Use Cal and Marty's Scripture Memory Game CD
The Professor's Library in Life of Christ CD has some "about" presentations and quizzes on these books.
Also, email Neil about other software suggestions for NT Letters. Include your scripture passage.

Old Testament Software Reference:


Adam & Eve

Cain & Abel


  • Noah and the Ark CD
  • Play and Learn
  • Charlie Church Mouse #1
  • Kid Pix has a lot of animal/nature/water clipart/backgrounds. Lacking the Noah CD, teachers are having their kids illustrate part of the story and adding text that Kid Pix can speak aloud. Consider creating 'dialog' for Noah and his family (what they thought, what was going through their mind).



Jacob & Esau


Exodus, Numbers

  • Exodus Adventures --NEW from Sunday Software, Moses and Pharaoh, Crossing the Red Sea, Bitter Waters, Water from Rock.
  • Life of Moses (out of print, use Exodus Adventures instead)*
  • Exodus for PC (mostly a game for older computers)
  • Fall of Jericho quiz game (themed on race to Jericho, can be about any subject you create questions about)
  • Making of the Tabernacle --there's an animation and virtual tour of the Tabernacle in the iLumina Bible. iLumina also has some short animated scenes from the life of Moses.
  • Play and Learn Children's Bible has 6 story presentations of the Exodus story for preschool to 1st grade.
  • Ilumina Bible DVD has animated videos on Baby Moses and Burning Bush


  • Ilumina Bible DVD has several animated videos on the building of the Tabernacle and the objects in it.

Joshua/Fall of Jericho

  • Learn about last part of Exodus journey using Exodus Adventures CD lesson 3.
  • Fall of Jericho Quiz Program's race across Sinai to Jericho is only a theme for the game, but you could create a question set about the Jericho story. Tip: include questions about the timeline of Joshua's story in relation to other stories (such as Moses, Ruth, David) to put it in context. Include questions about geography (Jordan River, Dead Sea, etc).
  • Play and Learn Children's Bible for up to 1st graders has Jericho.
  • Charlie Church Mouse #2 for up to age 9 has the story of the Walls.

Judges, Gideon, Deborah, Samson, Ruth

  • Jonah Ruth Samson CD (out of print)*
  • CD has these folks in it (now out of print)*
  • Gideon's "call" in Judges 6 is visually rich and could be illustrated with Kid Pix. It also has great dialog between Gideon and the angel, including "be not afraid" which makes it a natural for Let's Talk CD in which the kids can recreate the dialog in a "today, their world, their excuses" scenario. How and where would the angel appear to you? What about your generation would the angel say God wanted to change?
  • Deborah...I have an interesting lesson plan for Deborah at
  • Samuel/Hannah  ...see my lesson about Deborah for my suggestion on handling Hannah & Sam.
  • Charlie Church Mouse #2 up to age 9 has part of the story of Ruth.
  • Ruth 1:1-22  Whither thou goest..."is a great memory verse to learn using Cal & Marty's Scripture Memory CD. What are some OTHER ways this famous verse could have been said?  Use Cal and Marty to create an extended variation. Or use Let's Talk CD's animated talk-back feature to do it. You can also rewrite Ruth and Naomi's dialog using Let's Talk CD afrom the point of view of Naomi, or Ruth: "what am I risking with my decision." (I love lessons where the kids try to get into the character's heads). You can also use Let's Talk to have kids rephrase the lesson into a lesson about faithful friendship, and answer the question, "what places and situations will my friend go that I need to stand with them?" The animated teacher your kids create in Let's Talk can be your kids retelling the main points in the story, condensing them. See our Let's Talk description page for lots of lesson angles.
  • RUTH --See my extended lesson comments and ideas on Ruth here.

* The red asterisk means the title is out of print. We still reference it here for our customers who still own it.


  • Elijah & Jonah CD  -our Elijah & Jonah CD tells the entire story of Jonah in a multimedia rich way and includes games 'on content'.

Need help coming up with a software lesson idea? Email Neil



  • Elijah & Jonah CD (Widow of Zarephath, Elijah on Mt. Carmel, Elijah and Elisha).
  • Adventures with Daniel CD
  • Elisha and the Jars of Oil --Charlie Church Mouse CD #3 Pre thru Age 8
  • Nehemiah Rebuilds the Wall --Charlie Church Mouse CD #3 Pre thru Age 8
  • Daniel is included in Charlie Church Mouse #2 for up to age 9.
  • Samuel is briefly introduced in the Life of David CD, and CD. For early readers and preschoolers you can also find "God Talks to Samuel" in Play & Learn Children's Bible CD. If you're doing Eli and Samuel (1 Sam 3) try re-scripting the intriguing dialog of the verses using LETS TALK. Let's Talk is perfect for recasting stories, letting the kids come up with more explanatory dialog, etc. You can also use Kid Pix to illustrate the funny/amazing line from God in 1 Sam 3 where he says, "See, I am about to do something in Israel that will make both ears of anyone who hears of it tingle." Use Let's Talk or Kid Pix to have the kids take on the role of God and answer the question: How ELSE does a person know that God is doing something special around them? near them?" (other than tingle)
  • There's a short "About Prophets" section in Fluffy & God's Amazing Christmas Adventure CD that talks about what a prophet's job is.
  • Isaiah 9....wonderful counselor... Fluffy CD also has an interactive section on Isaiah 9.
  • Use Let's Talk CD to create an onscreen "prophet character" who you (or the students) provide new words to their message to have them speak it aloud.  Teach the students how to "speak like a prophet" (out-loud in the program) by having them create spoken responses to important issues facing Christians.
  • More Daniel Lesson Suggestions Here!
  • Ezekiel Idea: create crossword and wordsearch puzzles about Ezekile content you're studying using Bible CrossWords and WordSearch CD. Or, create a question set about Ezekiel's BIG story in Fall of Jericho Quiz making game CD.
  • Isaiah 6 "Holy Holy...coals to lips, Send Me" lesson idea here.


Psalms & Proverbs, Job

  • Psalm 23, Any Psalm or Proverb: This is a natural to memorize with Cal & Marty's Scripture Memory Game.
  • Any Psalm can be illustrated with Kid Pix, taught as a Memory verse with Cal & Marty CD, or rewritten as a lesson in Let's Talk CD by the kids (or teacher). In fact, one of Let's Talk CD demo lessons is on Psalm 8. See Psalm 8 lesson plan.
  • Job's "conversations, dialog and arguments" seems a natural for Let's Talk CD. See the lesson suggestions on the Let's Talk page for specifics.


Charlie Church Mouse #3 covers this story for the younger kids.
Other Notes: Nehemiah… rebuilding the wall…. I was always impressed with the fact that Nehemiah takes time to THANK all the builders. Usually you hear the names of kings and leaders, and God… but Nehemiah names names and tells what they did. Kids like to hear their own name, and it just so happens that two of our programs make the computer SPEAK OUT LOUD,
"Let's Talk" CD and Kid Pix.   AND…one of the funny things about the text-to-speech synthesis magic in these programs is that they sometimes mess up first and last names –much to the kids delight.  Springboarding off this, what would a LIST OF THE KIDS’ NAMES sound like –followed by the SPECIFIC THINGS THEY have done to help “build the kingdom”  …build the walls of your congregation, become Pillars. Etc etc.   So in Let’s Talk or Kid Pix, the kids are creating a HALL OF FAME in your church or for your class:   “Kaitlan Guillame … helps build our class by enjoying Bible study, smiling all the time and making people feel welcome.”  

For older students: This part of biblical history is not well known, so put the story in context during the Bible study phase of your lesson. Write out key words, concepts, timelines, characters, etc, then have kids create a puzzle in Bible Crossword and Word Search CD. When they're done, cover your notes and have the kids exchange puzzles and see how much they remember.



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