Sunday Software presents
Clickart 'Christian' CD!

1200 color graphics for church newsletters, flyers, handouts, websites, lesson plans, signs, and posters
--in various styles.

~Bible scenes, church newsletter graphics, seasonal artwork~


I'm pretty picky about Clip Art and I think this is a great collection for today's church publications, --especially for Christian Education. The artwork looks fresh and modern, not old and moldy. The CD's clipart features several styles, including "bible cartoon" style, almost all in color, and formatted in the popular jpg and png formats. All images are editable and resizable, and high resolution.

HOW TO USE THIS CD: You select images from the CD by using the 'insert graphic' in your wordprocessor or graphic program.  1200 images is a lot to browse through!  That's why I've created a PRINTABLE REFERENCE BOOKLET showing THUMBNAIL IMAGES of every graphic on the CD with their filenames.

This handy guide can be printed or pulled up as a PDF on your computer allowing you to quickly browse all the images on the CD (much quicker than trying to browse all 1200 images using your computer's preview mode.  Read more about my exclusive free reference. <>< Neil, Sunday Software

Price: $22 a CD. Works on all Windows and Mac computers.
Look fir "Clickart Christian 1200" CD in the Clip Art section of our
Online Order Form

Samples of the 1200 images on the Clickart Christian 1200 CD
These are small low-resolution thumbnails of the high resolution clipart on the CD.
Note the many different styles. All are editable and resizable.




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More about our exclusive free reference to the images on Click Art Christian CD

The Good News:  When viewing the clip art on this CD, you can set your computer's folder view options to "thumbnail" and see all 1200 thumbnail images of the clipart pop up on your desktop.

The Bad News: When you pop the CD into your computer, generating 1200 thumbnails to let you view the images is a HUGE TASK for many computers, even those with a lot of RAM memory. It can really slow down your browsing of the CD's images. Those of you who have worked before with clip art CDs know what I'm talking about.

Solution:  A PRINTED GUIDE to the images on the CD!

I've created contact sheets for all the images on the CD and exported them into a free PDF document that loads quickly on your computer or can be printed out to create your own "book of thumbnails" for this CD. I guarantee it will help you WORK FASTER to find the right images for your projects. The reference guide shows you a thumbnail of the images and their filenames, so you can then quickly browse the CD by filename rather than by image preview (much faster by filename!).

This PDF visual reference to the CD is FREE to those who buy the Click Art Christian CD from Sunday Software!  

HOW TO GET THE FREE HANDY REFERENCE: Place your order for the CD and then Email asking for the reference link at our website. Click the link in Neil's email reply, then save or print the doc.

YES!  These images can be used with any wordprocessing or graphics program, including Kid Pix.

YES! You can add captions to these images when you insert them into your documents.

YES! You can modify the images in an image program.

Questions?  See if Neil is available for Live Chat or email

How do you import an image from a CD into a document or email? Read my quick guide at


More SAMPLE images from the CD...


Price:  $22 for one CD. Less in quantity (see our online order form).  

Works on all Windows and Mac OS X computers.

Look for them towards the END of our Online Order Form in the Clip Art section.

Please note: due to the nature of this CD it is non-returnable. We have made a strong effort here to describe this CD and accurately represent it's varied image styles.

Please look carefully and ask questions if you are unsure about the style or breadth of these images.