A Comparison of Walking in Their Sandals Bible Atlas 2.0
with two other popular Bible Atlas CDs on the market today:

Logos Bible Atlas from Logos Research -and- Bible Maps from Manna (their latest advertised versions)

Comparison by Neil MacQueen, Sunday School Software, October 2002

Sunday Software can distribute ANY Bible Atlas on the market today. We have chosen to distribute Walking in Their Sandals because we believe it goes beyond delivering map graphics and location text --Walking in Their Sandals 2.0 cares about the experience of the user. Compared to Sandals, these other two are either for serious students/teachers who need every conceivable Bible map --or they'll put you to sleep. If you are looking for a map that takes you or your students on a learning journey, Sandals Atlas is it. If you're looking for a map CD to create your own handouts, or for Power Point presentations, the other two will do. <>< Neil MacQueen, Sunday Software

Logos Bible Atlas

Pros: Deep notes. Large number of maps. Exportable printable maps. Create your own map feature. Includes one 3D topographical map of Israel.
Cons: Artistically unappealing maps, boring database feel, almost no educational multimedia features. Old.



Manna's Bible Maps Plus from Manna Inc.

Pros: Large number of maps. Some very modest animation features, editable notes feature. Printable maps.
Cons: Unappealing maps, less than artistic graphics and interface. Scripture is KJV. Notes aren't always interesting. $89 price tag!



Walking in Their Sandals Bible Atlas Version 2.0

(Due to the size of this graphic, I've cropped it a bit and lower its resolution for faster web loading)

One look at Sandals Atlas' engaging, clean and modern interface tells you this is a CD people will WANT to use.

The entire program is graphically appealing. It's a joy to navigate. Very well written articles (i.e. "interesting") for lay and scholars. Lots of interesting photos that look professionally shot, not old looking low quality photos like some of these other atlas CDs seem to have tolerate. NUMEROUS EXCELLENT VIDEOS with an onscreen New Testament Professor speaking at many locations. 360 degree Photobubbles of many spots. Animated "lesson" tracks with some maps. Excellent maps on the ministry of Jesus.

Due to the multimedia intensity of Sandals Atlas CD, the program doesn't include maps for stories beyond Israel, such as the New Testament church or Babylon. All the text and maps are printable.

To see the entire outline of Sandals Atlas CD, more descriptions, graphics and free teaching materials go to http://www.sundaysoftware.com/sandals.htm