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Do you have a small church library and are looking for a QUICK, FREE, and EASY SOLUTION to posting your church library resources on-line and making them searchable? Read my eye-opening article about putting your church library online (for free).

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Jesus in Space is an interactive program from Sunday Software
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Tips on Picking Church Membership and Accounting software...

1. Most churches utilize only a fraction of a program's capabilities, but some features are nice to grow into.  Consider software that offers you expansion modules.

2. Price should not be your biggest concern. Rather, ease of use, support, and the long-term stability of the company are paramount concerns. Don't be penny wise, pound foolish.

3. Make sure the company you're dealing with offers excellent technical support and easy to read manuals. Look for web-based support and help.

4. How long has the company been in business? Will this company be in business three years from now when I need a newer version?  Is this piece of software a sideline or main flagship for the company? Do they really understand church accounting needs? ...or have they simply repurposed business software?

5. Look at their version release schedule. Do they continue to improve the program? Is the current version they are selling up-to-date?

6. Make sure the company offers training ...and then get it. Too often churches buy a new computer and new software package only to run out of money and never get proper training.

7. Make sure the people in your church who selecting your software know what they are doing. The church's accounting software decision is no place for armchair techies and amateur bookkeepers.

8. Use an ONLINE SERVICE for your membership and accounting software. Most newer membership and accounting programs offer this option, and it has two huge advantages: (1) You and your designated members can access it anytime from any computer. (2) Online data is instantly backed up.

Neil MacQueen is a Presbyterian minister, veteran of church offices, and Christian software developer known mostly for his work in Christian education. The recommendations on this page are his alone and none have paid to be here.

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