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Every so often a program comes along that is really quite amazing. It demonstrates the power of multimedia technology in an impressive way. HolyLand 3-D 2.0 is one of those programs.

I've seen a lot of software over the years, and quite a few Bible atlas CDs. HolyLand 3-D sets an entirely new standard. More than just a 'location database' (though it's that too) HolyLand 3-D CD offers a most unique and technologically advanced way of ENJOYING the learning.

HolyLand 3-D CD comes with Volume 1 of the RHR HOLYLAND SATELLITE ATLAS. This large hardback book features detailed color satellite maps of Israel, plus many colorful photos of Biblical sites and landscapes. It makes a great companion to the CD. A large color aerial poster of Jerusalem is also included.

System Requirements:
Please read these system requirements carefully.
This program requires a modern 3D capable graphics card with a minimum of 32 mb of videoram and 256 mb of system ram. Higher is recommended. If your computer is more than 6 years old, you should check its capabilities before ordering this CD. In addition, your processor should be at least  900mhz. Windows XP/Vista/Windows7.  **Read our Windows Vista & W7 Notes here to run HolyLand 3-D in Vista and Windows 7. (You must download an update after you install the program from CD.)

ORDER: HolyLand 3-D CD
--comes with Volume 1 of the
RHR Holyland Satellite Atlas
and a free color poster of Jerusalem

$70 for one copy of the CD,
AND the Satellite Atlas hardback book,
Jerusalem Color Poster!

$65 each for 2 to 4 copies **
$60 each for 5+ copies **



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HolyLand 3-D CD
and the Holyland Satellite Atlas Volume 1
Holyland 3D Bible Atlas
HolyLand 3-D CD
is a 3D Bible atlas where you "fly" the terrain of Israel
to explore Biblical sites and information.

HolyLand 3-D CD uses state-of-the-art terrain modeling software which converts satellite data into 3d terrain you can "fly" using pilot controls built into the interface. This is high-tech software. If you've seen the "fly-in" terrain technology used by CNN and GoogleEarth, you have a basic idea of what 3-D terrain can look like. BUT, unlike GoogleEarth which uses lower resolution images, HolyLand 3-D's terrain is higher resolution. And better than GoogleEarth, all the Biblical locations in HolyLand 3-D are clickable, -revealing Bible Dictionary entries, scripture references and photos. HolyLand 3-D's pilot controls let you navigate the terrain in real-time  --in any direction, at any speed, and at any elevation.

This is not a painted or drawn terrain. HolyLand 3-D's terrain is based on NASA 30 meter, and CNES/SPOT 10 meter high resolution satellite imagery of Israel. HolyLand 3-D from RHR Productions uses Skyline Software System's TerraExplorer technology to allow you to see & follow the Biblical terrain and learn about Biblical locations in a whole new way.

  • Get up close, or get the bird's-eye view
  • Fly to specific locations or just fly around
  • Click on locations to learn more about them
  • Stop and view photos of locations
  • Toggle-on roads and location markers.
  • Immediately access Bible dictionary entries for locations.
  • Pop-up a scripture passages relevant to your location

It's dramatic, and it's a lot of fun.

It's also a true Bible Atlas program:  
Frankly, flying the terrain is cool enough.  But HolyLand 3-D also contains TWO sets of reference notes accessible when you click on locations in the 3-D terrain...

  • IVP Dictionary of the Bible
  • and Eerdman's Dictionary of the Bible

And HolyLand 3-D CD also has two complete Bible translations: the KJV and the New English Translation.

FLY down the Road to Jericho, look up the study notes about the city and Biblical events that happened there, and click the scripture reference to pull up the scriptures themselves.  Then tab the photographic database to look at photos of Jericho. This CD has hundreds of article/location entries and hundreds of photos.

Follow the path of Jesus from Capernaum to Mt. Tabor. Circle the hill at 9000 feet (or whatever altitude you choose), then cruise to Jerusalem above the craggy hills. Wind your way back up the coast and land at the foot of Mt. Carmel.  Need help plotting your flight plan? Consult Volume 1 of the Holyland Satellite Atlas included with this CD. See details below.

You have complete control of where you want to fly. Trace the route of Abraham from Syria to Beersheba. Fly across the Dead Sea to see what Moses saw from the top of Mt. Nebo. Go up Paul's Road to Damascus following the actual road in the 3-D terrain. Pull up photos and short descriptions of Crusader ruins and Canaanite cities. Toggle 'on/off' ancient roads and modern cities. Zoom over the Dead Sea and up the mountains of Moab. Fly into southern Lebanon and circle Mt. Hermon. 

For Bible Students
For youth
For teachers
For Pastors
For Adult Education
For Seminary Classes
For Worship Presentations

HolyLand 3-D CD comes with Volume 1 of the RHR Satellite Atlas -a large printed atlas of the high resolution satellite maps, and a double-sided color poster of Jerusalem (seen on this page). Our version of HolyLand 3-D is version 2.0 --the very latest available.

In this screenshot above you see a typical screen, albeit, with my explanatory remarks. You can increase how much of the terrain you can see at once on your monitor by either widening the window, or selecting a wider point of view from the "View" menu in the program.  Those with strong graphic cards and larger monitors are in for an extra treat. We're up pretty high in this view, and could get much lower if we wanted to. At very low elevations the texture appears lower-res due to interpolation of the data. In the free downloadable update to the flying engine, the flying controls are slightly different and improved.